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   Chapter 1271 Fight Dudley Alone

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"Lucilla! No!" Sabina's face changed when she saw what was happening in front of her. She immediately summoned Duchess Silver to save Lucilla.

However, the gigantic fish suddenly leaped into the air. It opened its humongous reeking mouth, ready to swallow Lucilla who was rapidly falling from the air.

Seeing this, Lucilla immediately turned around in the air and faced the huge fish beneath her. She continuously launched the spiritual martial arts skills of the Divine Stage, trying to defeat the huge fish. However, the scales of the huge fish were as hard as iron walls that all her efforts turned out in vain.

Just when Lucilla was about to fall right into the mouth of the huge fish, a violent Moon Blade strike dashed through the air and instantly crashed into the body of the huge fish. The huge fish was forcefully thrown away up in the air.

Almost at the same time, a tall figure quickly flew over to Lucilla. In the blink of an eye, he caught Lucilla and they slowly fell. Lucilla felt her rescuer’s aura enveloping her. The aura was coming from a strong man and it was very familiar.

"Basil..." Lucilla said, her body completely trembling all over.

"Lucilla, are you hurt?" Rocky asked with a worried look.

Lucilla shook her head immediately. She was in total disbelief at what happened.

When she saw that Rocky had saved Lucilla, Sabina let out a deep sigh of relief.

At the same time, Shirley riding on Ken also landed on the ground.

"Basil, that guy is heading that way. We must go after him quickly," Shirley said as she pointed at where Dudley was heading.

Rocky immediately turned around and saw that Dudley was quickly approaching the tower where the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure was floating.

The huge fish that had just been knocked away by Rocky fell to the ground with a loud bang. It was extremely angry as it let out a harsh roar.

"I'll leave that beast to you," Rocky said after letting go of Lucilla. Then he summoned Ken and rushed to the tower to stop Dudley from taking the spiritual treasure.

As Dudley was climbing up the tower, Rocky i

to Marcia and immediately chased after them.

Meanwhile, Rocky and Dudley were fiercely fighting on the top of the tower. Rocky's unexpected attack just now made Dudley a little embarrassed, but it was not that easy to hurt him.

Dudley was obviously enraged by Rocky as his eyes were terrifyingly opened wide.

"Young man, it's rare indeed for you to have that kind of strength at such a young age, but there is still a huge gap between your strength and mine. I will not kill anyone that I do not know. So, tell me your name first!" Dudley stared at Rocky fiercely, his eyes seething with anger.

"I am Prince Crimson of the Holy Dragon Empire," Rocky introduced himself at once.

"What? Prince Crimson? You are the famous Prince Crimson?" Obviously, Dudley had heard of the legends about him.

However, in Dudley's eyes, Rocky was only at the high grade of the Divine Stage, no matter how legendary he was, and it was impossible for Rocky to defeat him. He was already at the third grade of the Immortal Stage after all.

With a shout, he flew towards Rocky like a shooting star as he threw punches. In an instant, huge powerful fist shadows rushed towards Rocky like a storm.

Rocky's eyes narrowed and then he used the Hexagonal Netting Dragon Ring to conjure a shield to resist the attack. He knew that there would be a fiercer battle ahead, so he couldn't use his full strength now.

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