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   Chapter 1270 Fierce Attacks of The Underwater Beasts

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"Give me the spiritual treasure!" Once the vibration had stopped, Dudley immediately put pressure on Shirley's neck. That way, he could exert more power at any moment and instantly break her neck.

When Rocky saw Dudley's ferocious attack, he knew that Dudley couldn't be fooled easily. Thus, he tentatively reached out his hand to the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure. But at that time, nothing happened to the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure, so Rocky caught it easily.

"Give it to me," Dudley told Rocky with a sinister smile, his hand still on Shirley's neck.

Rocky took one look at the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure and suddenly threw it into the air.

Moving fast, Dudley immediately pushed Shirley away and tried to grab the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure falling in the air. However, at that moment, the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure suddenly disappeared in midair. No matter how fast Dudley had moved, his hands only caught air.

"Damn it!" Dudley furiously shouted as he glared at Rocky, who had appeared beside Shirley like a knight in shining armor.

The next moment, Ken appeared beside Rocky, with the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure in its mouth.

"It doesn't matter. You won't get out of here alive." Suddenly, Dudley's aura increased tenfold, and with a single punch, his spiritual light shot into all directions. The only entrance collapsed immediately, sealing the place completely.

When Rocky realized that Dudley had sealed the sole exit point, his eyes turned sharp and icy, like a snowstorm in the middle of a winter night. He took the spiritual treasure back from Ken's mouth and put it back on the stage. Then, he turned to Dudley and said, "I didn't plan to leave in the first place. I'm not here to grab the spiritual treasure, but to prevent you from taking the spiritual treasure away from here..."

"If you want to die together, then I'll fulfill your wish!" Dudley shouted. He became even more furious when Rocky didn't look distressed. At once, he rushed directly towards Rocky and Shirley, as the powerful aura instantly enveloped the two of them.

Since Rocky had to protect Shirley, his attack was also limited. On the contrary, Dudley's killing intent grew even more intense. As he launched a fatal attack, he charged towards Rocky and Shirley.

Burdened by Shirley, Rocky could only try his best to re

en, even though it was the middle of the day. They realized it was the shadow of a colossal beast when they looked up, and they saw the fish-like figure descending upon them from the sky.

Seeing this, Sabina and Lucilla immediately flew away.

With a loud bang, the massive fish-like beast crashed down in front of the two women, creating a deep pit of more than ten meters. The stone fragments flew up with its impact like speeding bullets. Fortunately, the two women had dodged in time, or they could have been gravely injured.

As soon as the beast touched down, it turned its attention to the two women. Its strong aura was up to the seven-star level. Its whole body was as smooth as a fish's, and was thick and long. It looked like a whale with crocodilian limbs, and it pounced on the two women with no hesitation.

"Lucilla, I'll deal with this. Go and find Basil and Sherry..." Sabina instructed Lucilla.

At first, Lucilla hesitated. She glanced at the herculean beast in front of them and then nodded to Sabina. When Sabina didn't change her mind, Lucilla summoned her cyan bird, intending to fly above the huge fish-like beast to avoid it.

However, just as she was about to fly off, it suddenly opened its mouth and sprayed a mass of condensed black ink. It sprang towards Lucilla at top-speed, who was riding on the cyan bird.

Seeing the black ink surged over them like a tidal wave, the cyan bird tried its best to dodge. Yet, it was too late. The bird soon overturned, Lucilla slipping off its back and rapidly falling to the ground with a scream.

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