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   Chapter 1269 The Fierce Melee

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Meanwhile on the sea above the ruins, waves were suddenly surging. Soon enough, they formed huge rumbling and roaring waves that rushed towards the coastline. The momentum was incredibly astonishing.

In the camp, Marcia, Alyssa, and the others were worried by the disappearance of Rocky and Shirley.

"The huge tide is coming!" a spirit manipulator reported immediately as he ran in.

As the people in the camp heard this, they walked out of the camp and saw the Water Beast Sea not too far away with surging waves rather shocking.

At first, the huge waves only reached the coastline a dozen meters. But soon enough, the waves became stronger and stronger and higher and higher. It was like a tsunami which was extremely spectacular.

"It seems that we must retreat now," Alyssa directly said to Marcia.

Marcia nodded in agreement. It seemed that the whole coastline would be affected soon. If they did not retreat now, they would surely be in big trouble.

So, under the leadership of Marcia and Alyssa, the team of spirit manipulators and the members of the Dragon Master Clan retreated quickly to a higher place behind the coastline. They looked down at the torrential huge waves which were constantly crashing into the coastline.

The waves rose again and again. Not long after, the waves were dozens of meters tall. They were like rolling curtains that were intertwining and churning, which was completely frightening.

"Do you think Basil and Shirley are all right?" Seeing this unbelievable scene, Sabina couldn't help but worry.

Marcia and Alyssa looked serious too, but they could not go now to the sea to look for Rocky and Shirley. Moreover, the appearance of the huge waves only meant that the ruins of the Water Master Clan would soon appear above the sea. By then, all the treasure raiding teams would definitely take action, so their task during that time was to prevent the spiritual treasure from being taken away. So, they must get ready.

Two hours later, on the sea a thousand meters away from the Water Beast Sea, something had come out from the water.

ith more than ten members of the Dragon Master Clan and dozens of spirit manipulators of the Holy Dragon Empire, stood in their way.

"You go ahead and rush in first. I'll fight her." The old man in purple knew that Marcia was strong, so he planned to deal with her himself.

"Nobody can enter the ruins." Marcia summoned the Holy-blood Dragon King directly. Meanwhile, her entire being changed instantly. She evolved into a member of the spiritual race, exuding a frightening aura of a spiritual master. The spirit manipulators and the members of the spiritual race around were stunned to see her transformation.

Then, several ordinary spiritual beings of the spiritual race appeared in front of the old man in purple.

"Go now!" The old man in purple narrowed his eyes and rushed towards Marcia along with the several ordinary spiritual beings.

Marcia didn't show any signs of weakness. She and the Holy-blood Dragon King fought against the old man in purple and the ordinary spiritual beings. The other spirit manipulators and the members of the spiritual race also began to fight, starting an extremely fierce offensive and defensive battle.

Just as the ruins surfaced and the treasure raiding teams were fighting, Rocky, Dudley and Shirley were still inside the circular building of the ruins. Shirley was still being held hostage, while Rocky and Dudley were in a stalemate.

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