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   Chapter 1268 Being Threatened

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"The Holy Mask..." Rocky finally came back to his senses. His eyes widened, and the last scene in his memory still lingered in his mind. The mask that the evil figure wore was the Holy Mask which belonged to the first patriarch of the Dragon Master Clan, and was also the holy treasure of the clan.

But obviously, the figure that the owner of this memory called king was not the first patriarch of the Dragon Master Clan. Although Rocky didn't see his face, he could tell from the conversation in the memory that this king seemed to be closely related to the death of myriad spiritual race beings. But who on earth was he? Although Rocky had a guess in his mind, he was not so sure about it.

The conversation in the memory also contained many pieces of important information that were very useful for Rocky.

At that moment, Rocky couldn't help but look at the mysterious man in the container. If this mysterious man was actually the owner of this memory, a subordinate of the king, who on earth was he really? What was his relationship with the evil man that he called king?

Rocky was sure that if this mysterious man was still alive, he could help him solve the mystery of the death of myriad spiritual race beings.

"Hey, Basil. Are you okay?" When she saw that Rocky was completely lost in thought while he was staring at the mysterious man in the container, Shirley shook him immediately.

Rocky came back to his senses and lightly shook his head. After looking at the mysterious man, he said, "We must keep searching."

Although he was extremely interested in the mysterious man in the container, the most important thing now was to find the ninth spiritual treasure. After finding the spiritual treasure, he would try to figure out more about the mysterious man's background and secrets.

So, Rocky and Shirley left the stone chamber. Just as the two of them walked out of the stone chamber, the mysterious man in the container suddenly opened his eyes.

On the other hand, the two of them continued to follow Ken as it led the way. Not long after, they found another entrance. After entering, they found themselves in another straight passage. But this time it seemed that they were closer to the center.

The two together with Ken continued to move forward in a circle. After nearly walking a full circle, they finally found another entrance that was closer

his face.

"My grandfather is Bryant Ximen. If you hurt me, you will be dead for sure," Shirley said as she intently stared at him with her beautiful eyes.

"Oh, is that so? I didn't expect you to be Bryant's granddaughter. What a small world indeed! Bryant was the one who disabled one of my eyes. And today I caught his granddaughter! It's finally the time to seek retribution for what he had done to me in the past," the powerful warrior playfully said and laughed wildly.

"You..." Shirley's face immediately changed when she heard this. She didn't expect that this man was the enemy of her grandfather.

"Boy, hurry up! Or do you really want to see me kill her?" The powerful spirit manipulator named Dudley glared at Rocky with a sneer and suddenly tightened his grip on Shirley's neck.

Shirley immediately choked as she was completely in pain because of the tightened force.

When Rocky saw this, his eyes turned cold. He couldn't let Shirley die. After hesitating for a while, he finally turned around and reached out for the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure.

However, just as he was about to touch the hammer-shaped spiritual treasure, it instantly radiated an intense blue light. The light spread out quickly and a strong spiritual power surged out like a torrent.

Suddenly, the whole place shook violently.

"You useless brat, what have you done?" Dudley immediately glared at Rocky, thinking that Rocky had tricked him.

When Rocky looked at the place which shook violently as if it were about to collapse, his face became grim and he didn't say anything.

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