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   Chapter 1267 Shocked By The Memory

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This dazzling golden light might seem to be some kind of treasure at first glance, but what Rocky saw was not a treasure. Although it was not a treasure, it was definitely far more amazing than that.

In front of him was a stone chamber and at the center stood a transparent container. The container was filled with liquid and it was sealed with some glass-like material.

What surprised Rocky was not the container, but the handsome man in the container. The man was naked and completely soaked in the liquid. He was not breathing or moving as if he was dead and the container was his casket.

The strangest thing was that this man looked alive. It gave off a somewhat strong vitality as if he was just asleep. The golden light was emitted by this gentle-looking man as if he was some kind of light source.

"Basil, who on earth is he?" Shirley asked. She blushed and turned her head as soon as she saw the naked man in the container.

Rocky shook his head. Judging from the characteristics of this man, he looked like an ordinary human being. He did not have the form of the spiritual race, so he must not be a member of the spiritual race. However, the golden light released by this man was obviously formed by some kind of power. If he were an ordinary human being, he would not have such a strange power.

"Do you think that this man is the ninth spiritual treasure?" Shirley couldn't help but suspect.

"I don’t think so. He doesn't look like one," Rocky replied.

However, it was hard to imagine why there was a mysterious naked man in the ruins of the Water Master Clan.

"Basil, there’s something over there. Look." Shirley noticed something and pointed at a corner of the container.

Rocky immediately looked over and saw a stone model protruding from the corner of the container. It was like a palm that was constantly flas

nd," the man questioned.

"All things are created equal. Some powerful people will only make this world distorted. Why do you think the spiritual race beings were so determined? They already knew that they would end up dead, but they were not afraid at all. It's because they knew their sacrifices would bring unimaginable impact to their descendants. They were not fighting for the present, but for the future of their race and this world," the figure said coldly like a philosopher. However, his cold words seemed to be mixed with inexplicable expectations.

"I actually want to ask you a favor," the figure said to the man after deeply sighing.

"Really? What is it?" the man asked in surprise. He didn't expect that the king would talk to him in such a manner.

"Live a long life and witness the future of this world for me," the figure said coldly.

"Since you ordered it, I will do it. But you will witness it yourself, right? You’re going to live forever," the man replied respectfully.

"Oh, really?" The figure smiled wickedly.

He turned around slowly. His resolute face was covered by a terrifying mask. It looked like the face of Death, which made people feel that death was exactly right in front of them.

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