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   Chapter 1266 A Golden Light Shining

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Chang Du Characters: 6755

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Everyone's eyes suddenly focused on Rocky.

"Now’s the right time for me to show my trump card," Rocky said as he immediately opened his Magic Spiritual Space and walked right in.

Not long after, Rocky came out carrying a few sets of smooth and soft clothes. The clothes seemed like it was as smooth as fish skin. Behind him, Robin was carrying several sealed iron jars. The jars were half as tall as a man and there were some tubes connected to them. The jars looked peculiar.

"Basil, what are these?" Marcia immediately asked when she saw what Rocky brought.

As a matter of fact, everyone was curious about the things that he brought.

"These clothes in my hands are called diving suits, and those in the hands of Robin are special diving equipment. These can help in providing oxygen under the water..." Rocky introduced the items briefly.

After hearing from Cherry that the spiritual treasure might be sealed under the deep sea, he personally designed and made several diving suits and diving equipment just in case it was necessary.

With Rocky's meticulous preparation, the problem was quickly solved. A team led by Rocky, including Marcia and Alyssa, put on their diving suits and diving equipment and went deep into the Water Beast Sea.

Shirley also joined them. It was Shirley's spiritual beast with Water Nature that found the location of the Water Master Clan's ruins, so they needed her beast to lead the way.

As they swam down, the beautiful scenery under the sea water was incredibly attractive, but of course, not including the huge water spirit-manipulated beasts and supernatural beasts that swam in their way from time to time.

Fortunately, most of those beasts were very docile, so they were not that much of a bother.

About two hours later, the team led by Shirley's beast arrived at an area with lush water plants. Soon enough, they saw the outline of some relic buildings mostly covered by water grass.

"It should be somewhere here," Rocky said with a frown on his face.

ky alarmingly and asked.

"We can’t finish it because we have been circling around this whole time. This long corridor is not completely straight. It has an exceedingly small curve," Rocky said as he used the flame to illuminate the stone wall. The stone wall looked flat on the outside, but he found that it had a tiny arc when looked closely.

Since the ruins were huge, even though the arc looked tiny, it was able to form a continuous circle.

"So, what should we do now?" Shirley looked at Rocky and asked.

"We need the help of my guiding master," Rocky said as he summoned Ken from his Magic Spiritual Space.

With Rocky’s nod, Ken immediately ran forward with Rocky and Shirley following it closely.

A moment later, Ken stopped in front of a slate with a slightly different color from the other stone walls.

Rocky looked at it and reached out his hand to touch it. A moment later, the slate caved in. Then there was suddenly a rumbling under his feet. He realized that the inner stone walls moved one after the other like a domino.

In a blink of an eye, Rocky and Shirley found the entrance in front of them.

After looking at Shirley, Rocky walked in first. Suddenly, he felt a golden light shining on his face. When he saw what was right in front of him, he was immediately shocked and shouted, "Oh, God! This is..."

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