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   Chapter 1265 Hidden Deep In The Sea

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Along the way, Rocky found that most of those who came to grab the spiritual treasure were teams made up of different clans of the spiritual race and the human spirit manipulators sent by their subsidiary countries. Of course, such units were more powerful and challenging to deal with than human teams.

Even though the spiritual race couldn't enter the forbidden area where the spiritual treasure was sealed, they didn't give up, nor did they want to let the humans take it. After all, this was the last spiritual treasure without an owner. Therefore, every clan of the spiritual race would definitely not let this extremely rare opportunity pass through their fingers.

In the past, all of the eight spiritual treasures had owners. So, even if the other clans of the spiritual race wanted to get them, they didn't have much chance. The ninth spiritual treasure was the only treasure that didn't belong to anyone because the clan that owned it had already been annihilated. Therefore, no one knew where exactly it was hidden. It was, undoubtedly, a fair competition.

And although the spiritual race members couldn't enter the forbidden area where the spiritual treasure was sealed, they could at least pin down and obstruct the other treasure raiding teams at the periphery, which would give their own teams a certain advantage.

Besides, all the subsidiary countries of the spiritual race clans gave their all this time, seeing as they sent out a lot of powerful spirit manipulators. Many of them were masters at the Supernal Stage and the Divine Stage.

"Basil, look at that guy. Isn't he a spirit manipulator at the Immortal Stage?" As they passed through a secret forest, Sabina saw a group of spirit manipulators that were pitching their tents at the coast not far away. Among them was an older man clothed in yellow. He looked to be at least a hundred years old, but he still seemed spry and energetic. Their flags revealed that they were from the Myriad Ghosts Empire.

Rocky stopped as soon as he heard Sabina's curious question. He looked in the direction that Sabina was pointing at and saw the older man in yellow. Rocky's slack face went taut with tension, but he didn't say anything and just nodded at her. As Sabina had guessed, the older man in yellow was indeed a spirit manipulator at the Immortal Stage.

"The Myriad Ghosts Empire

h them," commented Marcia.

"It won't be a problem for the spirit-manipulated beasts with Water nature," Shirley chimed in.

"I think so too." Rocky nodded in agreement.

Then, on Rocky's orders, they gathered all the spirit-manipulated beasts and the guardian beasts with Water nature in the team and sent them deep into the Water Beast Sea to search for the ruins of the Water Master Clan.

However, since the Water Beast Sea was very vast, it was not easy to find the ruins. Fortunately, the spirit-manipulated beasts and guardian beasts with Water nature were not subject to any limitations in water, so the search went very smoothly.

The day before the tide came, they finally found the traces of the ruins of the Water Master Clan. However, there was also a problem. In order to confirm whether the spiritual treasure was in the ruins or not, Rocky had to go deep into the bottom of the sea to confirm.

That was not an easy thing to do. At that moment, everyone in the camp was discussing how they could best deal with this problem.

"The ruins are at least a thousand meters under the water, and they are too far away. Except for the spirit-manipulated beasts with Water nature, even the spiritual race may not reach them. And even if they can, it won't be easy to come back. Besides, if we want to enter the ruins, we must find the entrance. It will take a lot of time," Alyssa analyzed.

Everyone looked at each other, but no one had any idea what to do. That was until someone spoke up.

"It's not that difficult," Rocky said with a calm smile.

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