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   Chapter 1264 Arrive At The Water Beast Sea

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"I see." Rocky nodded. If that was the case, and they finally made it to stop the spiritual race from retrieving the ninth spiritual treasure, there was no need for him to worry about the future.

"If you have no more questions, please go and prepare for the journey first. The Water Master Clan's ruins are in the southernmost Water Beast Sea of the Wild Spirit Land. By then, I will bring the members of the Butterfly Divine Clan to meet you. Since it is the last spiritual treasure, I am sure that many spiritual race clans are determined to get it. This time, not only will there be a large number of human spirit manipulators, but a large number of powerful spiritual race beings will certainly go there. It will be an unprecedented melee, so you have to be fully prepared. I think it will be best to join hands with other spiritual race clans that also want to prevent the ninth spiritual treasure from appearing. After all, our Butterfly Divine Clan alone may not be able to help you deal with that many spiritual race clans," Cherry said thoughtfully. Moreover, she knew that Rocky had a close relationship with the Dragon Master Clan, the Wood Clan, and the Phoenix Master Clan. He had also helped the three clans before. Therefore, if Rocky were to talk to them, perhaps, he could gather the power of these three clans to prevent the ninth spiritual treasure from being taken out.

"I'll do as I see fit," Rocky responded as if he already had his own plans in his mind.

After that, Cherry said goodbye and left.

Once she was gone, Rocky went to Moira first and told her the legend about the calamity beasts that Cherry had mentioned.

"I did hear about this legend from my father. However, since it had happened before the beginning of the spiritual race, I don't know whether it's true or not, and we can't verify it. However, if we can prevent the ninth spiritual treasure from appearing, it might not be a bad thing." Moira also knew that if the ninth spiritual treasure were released, it would definitely cause a massive change in the entire Wild Spirit Land. It was hard to predict what would happen after that.

"That is why I'm hoping the Dragon Master Clan can help me this time," Rocky said with certainty.

"As you have helped our clan a lot in the past, this time, we will go all out to help you prevent the ninth spiritual treasure from appearing," Moira r

ild Spirit Land.

The Water Beast Sea was named for the fact that it gathered the rarest underwater spirit-manipulated beasts and supernatural beasts in the Wild Spirit Land. It was also the only mysterious water area in the Wild Spirit Land, where the two kinds of beasts inhabited together.

When they arrived at the Water Beast Sea, they were met by the dazzling blue sea and sky, as the horizon almost disappeared with the glorious blue. The surface of the sea sparkled like a thousand diamonds everywhere the sunlight touched, and it gave Rocky and his companions a somewhat peaceful feeling.

"This looks like a great place for a vacation." Rocky looked around the boundless sea. He could not help but think that it would be very suitable for a vacation if he built a wooden house here. Of course, that didn't take into consideration the shark-like spirit-manipulated beasts that could jump out of the water at any time.

However, unbeknownst to them, this sense of peace would be broken soon.

The Water Beast Sea had a vast coastline, so Rocky took advantage of it and led the team around it. They almost reached the westernmost area of the coastline, for they detoured the long way to avoid a confrontation with other spiritual race beings and other human spirit manipulators.

"Let's camp here first. Marcia and Alyssa, I want you two to supervise our camp's preparation. Sabina, Lucilla, come with me. We will spy on the enemy," Rocky said immediately.

The latter two women nodded at once. Then, they left with Rocky, running along the coastline to spy on the enemy.

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