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   Chapter 1263 The Only Chance

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"Oh, I see. It seems that your father had truly done his best for the Snow Master Clan. How admirable. For the future of the clan, he would rather die than tell anyone about the legendary guardian beast," Rocky remarked in a reverent voice, for he genuinely admired Cyrus's heroic traits.

"However, my father didn't expect that you are also a bad guy! You probably guessed that he gave the legendary guardian beast to me, and pretended to be my savior so that I would leave with you! You deceived me!" Harriet burst out indignantly, glaring hard at Rocky.

"Don't worry. I won't do anything terrible to you! Even though I'm not a good person, I'm not evil either. You are fortunate that it was me you have met. If the Heavenly Demon Clan found out that you own the legendary guardian beast, it will be not a good thing for you. Besides, no matter for the consideration of your father or the whole Snow Master Clan, You have to go with me because I am the only one who can protect you," Rocky insisted with a grave expression on his face.

"Why should I believe you?" Harriet still couldn't believe Rocky's words. No, it was not that she could not, but she refused to be played by him!

"You don't have to believe me right now, and I don't need you to believe me either. If you don't want to go with me, I have my means to take you away. That will be easy for me to do if you prefer that," he added with an evil smile.

The reason why he insisted on taking Harriet away was not only because of Cyrus' will, but it was also because he wanted to make sure that her legendary guardian beast would not fall into the hands of the Heavenly Demon Clan. Beyond that, he didn't really care how much Harriet hated him or didn't believe him.

Hearing Rocky's words, Harriet pursed her lips, but she knew that she was no match for Rocky regarding the strength. If Rocky wanted to take her away forcibly, she could only sit still and wait.

Rocky's smile turned smug when she didn't say anything else, knowing that he had already won. And after that, their journey became peaceful and silent all the way.

After a day's journey to the end of the Snow Cemetery Plain, Rocky called out Ken and took Harriet back to the Holy Dragon Empire.

Once he arrived at the Holy Dragon Empire, Rocky went back to the Crimson City and planned to settle Harriet down first.

The three women, including Sabina, had already completed the task he had assigned a few days ago and were back in the Crimson City.

The women had all been waiting for Rocky, and they couldn't stop themselves f


"But why is the whereabouts of the last spiritual treasure not confirmed until now?" Rocky asked.

"Because the place where it is sealed is buried in the sea, about a thousand meters deep. Not to mention humans, or even an ordinary spiritual race being, can't reach such depths," she explained readily. "If it's so difficult to reach, how did a being from the spiritual race seal the spiritual treasure in that place?"

Rocky asked curiously. "The spiritual race clan in charge of the ninth spiritual treasure is a clan that is now completely extinct in the Wild Spirit Land.

It was once one of the nine great spiritual race clans—the Water Master Clan. They lived on the sea and used to be an influential clan, but they were gravely injured due to the massive changes happening to the sea. They found it difficult to adjust and deal with these changes, and soon, most of their clan members had been seriously injured or had died. Since then, their line could not fully recover, until they finally disappeared, never to be heard from again in the Wild Spirit Land. It was said that the ninth spiritual treasure is actually sealed in the ruins of the Water Master Clan. However, because of the huge changes at that time, the ruins of the clan have been buried in the deep sea. Only the tide every one hundred years will be able to float the ruins back to the sea surface, but it only lasts for a very short time. The tide will return in half a month, so that is the only chance to retrieve the ninth spiritual treasure. If we can successfully stop them from taking it, the spiritual race clans have to wait at least a hundred years to try and get the ninth spiritual treasure again..." Cherry continued.

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