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   Chapter 1223 Release A Ferocious Ghost

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However, Rocky somehow felt that there seemed to be a lot of strong auras coming from the stone chamber. It reminded him of the way he felt in the Ethereal Void Cave before.

"Wait, let me go to the other side first," Rocky said with a frown on his face. He was obviously wary of his situation. Ever since the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast told him not to be reckless, he was extremely cautious in his every move.

Rocky went to the passage on the other side and found several more stone chambers. The doors were also closed, and it looked like they were tightly sealed. There were also some writings on the doors that he couldn't decipher.

"The remains of Glut

l remains. I can feel that he is not in this temple. As a matter of fact, none of them is here. Tell me, what happened?"

As the shadow spoke, an intrigued look appeared on its face.

When Rocky saw that the shadow could actually perceive the movements of the entire Heavenly God Temple, his face became more serious. It seemed that the ghost he released was extremely powerful.

"Tell me at once, where is Divine King Belial?" the shadow continued to ask aggressively.

"I'm not going to tell you." Rocky's eyes narrowed. If he told the shadow that Divine King Belial had already died, then the shadow would definitely kill him without any hesitation.

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