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   Chapter 1222 Found The Evil King Hall

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Not long after he entered the long corridor, Rocky found an arched entrance on one side.

"I wonder if this is the place." Rocky peaked into the arched entrance and saw a multi-story pavilion inside. It was extremely delicate and elegant. In front of the pavilion, there was a fascinating garden full of all kinds of beautiful flowers and plants. Although it seemed like no one had maintained the place for a long time, the garden still looked very exquisite while the flowers and plants were flourishing.

After passing through the arched entrance, he walked in the garden and approached the pavilion. However, when he got to it, the door was closed and there was a plaque hanging on it with the words "Jade Phoenix Pavilion" engraved on it.

"It seems like this isn't the right place. I shouldn't just barge in," Rocky muttered to himself. He remembered the warning of the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast and quickly turned around to go back where he came from. However, when he was about to leave, he noticed a strange aura being emitted by the flowers and plants from the garden. It felt like it was calling him, so he subconsciously walked towards it. Then, he found a spiritual herb that looked very different from the rest of the flowers and plants. It shone brightly and appeared in the shape of a rabbit's ear.

Although Rocky didn't know what exactly the spiritual herb was, he thought that it was worth examining. So, he squatted in front of the peculiar-looking herb and dug it out along with the soil around it. Then, he asked Robin to take out a vessel that he was using in the laboratory. He would put the herb in it to ensure that it could survive.

After that, Rocky left the garden and went back to the long corridor. As he continued to walk, the path became complicated as several forks suddenly appeared.

After randomly choosing a fork and walking on it for about a few hundred meters, Rocky saw another entrance and a cave inside. At the same time, there were words carved at the top of the entrance that read "Ethereal Void Cave".

"Not here either." Rocky knew that this wasn't the place that he was searching for either. However, since the entrance of the cave was not blocked, his instinct told him to enter just so he could find out what kind of place the Ethereal Void Cave was.

Upon entering the cave, Rock

lly, I found it." Rocky let out a smirk after finally reaching his original destination.

He looked around the Evil King Hall first and made sure that there were no traps or other forms of danger before he approached the golden door of the hall.

As he walked towards the golden door, he gradually stretched out his hand and pushed it. As his hand made contact with the door, it suddenly flashed beams of black and purple lights. At the same time, he felt that the evil power in his body became agitated and began to surge violently.

The next moment, the golden door suddenly flew wide open. A strong gust of wind blew from the inside, making Rocky's robe dance with the wind.

After the wind was gone, Rocky stepped into the hall. He immediately sensed that the area was full of evil energy that would make ordinary people shudder in fear. The entire hall looked sinister. The walls and pillars were carved with some creepy odd demons with black fangs and ferocious faces.

Rocky looked around and slowly walked into the center of the hall. From there, he found two passages that seemed to lead to different places. He thought for a while and picked the one on the right. After entering the passage, he noticed that there was a closed stone chamber every few meters.

As he walked towards the nearest stone chamber, he observed some incomprehensible words that were carved beside the door. He walked past this one and approached the next one. As he continued walking, he saw that the stone chambers were just identical to the ones he saw earlier.

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