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   Chapter 1220 The Ladder Showed Up

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Rocky took a deep breath, then bolted towards the hurricane. The winds whipped at his face violently.

"I have no choice but to try," he said through gritted teeth. The next moment, the Hexagonal Netting Dragon Ring in his hand turned into two streams of spiritual power, like sharp blades clawing at the hurricane before him. The hurricane was forcefully torn open, creating a narrow gap. Without hesitation, Rocky rushed into the gap and into the center of the hurricane.

In the blink of an eye, he was swept into the air by the hurricane and spun around uncontrollably. However, because he was in the center of the hurricane, the force he suffered was the smallest, or else he would have been torn into pieces.

Then, Rocky moved along with the hurricane until it merged with the other one.

Soon, Rocky felt the strong force produced by the merging of the two hurricanes. Although the position where he was located was the least affected, he still felt as though his limbs were being torn off. Thinking quickly, he activated the Hexagonal Netting Dragon Ring to form a light barrier to protect him in time. After the two hurricanes separated again, he took the opportunity to leave the first hurricane and move into the other one.

In this way, Rocky moved through one hurricane after another. It took him a few hours to pass through the whole wind region. By then, he was totally exhausted. When he finally landed on the ground, he felt his knees buckle from underneath him. It was obvious that he had reached his limit.

'This is even more tiring and perilous than a battle with a spiritual master, ' he thought to himself.

When he finally got out of the wind region, Rocky saw that the next area was covered in water. However, the water was black as ink and stagnant, constantly boiling and bubbling. Rocky wrinkled his nose once he caught a whiff of the air there, as though there was sulfuric acid.

Rocky surveyed the area

the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast replied bluntly.

"It seems that the Heavenly God Temple and that mysterious place are both related to the secrets hidden by the spiritual race," Rocky pondered aloud, raising his eyebrows.

"You'll have to find out for yourself," the Dragon-shaped Soul Beast said in a deep voice. "My strength won't last long, so as soon as the ladder appears, you must act immediately."

And with that, the dragon-shaped jade on Rocky's chest flew from his neck and floated in the air. Then, it suddenly emitted a colorful light, like fireworks blooming and lighting up the dark water in the water area.

A surge of astonishing power was released from the dragon-shaped jade, turning into light like ripples, instantly sweeping across the surface of the water. It was an astonishing scene.

"I didn't expect this dragon-shaped jade to contain such power..." Rocky watched in awe.

The next thing he knew, the dead water began to boil violently. Then, the water began to rise into the air, until it was divided along its middle. The scene was extremely spectacular.

From the crevice formed at its middle, a giant crystal ladder appeared, rising slowly. It connected the place where Rocky stood with the suspended Heavenly God Temple above the center of the water.

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