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   Chapter 1043 Screams

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"Quiet, gentlemen! That's enough. I really can't do anything about this matter. If Sabina refuses to come out and see you, then I can't force her to do so even if I am her father," Elvis said as his eyes gleamed with annoyance. In fact, it was not because he didn't want to, but because of his daughter's stubborn temper. If she didn't want it, then there was nothing the family could do to reach an agreement with her, especially when it was about match-making.

"You need to do something about this, Chief Elvis. Please, there must be something you can do. All of us have traveled such long distances just to meet Miss Sabina. Please, at least let us see her. Let us show her our appreciation!" Leonard suggested immediately. They thought they might still get a chance to show Sabina how much they appreciate her despite Sabina not showing up. Moreover, they thought they could at least leave her an impression in case she changed her mind in future. But as the clock ticked and without any sign of Sabina, it seemed that they were just pouring water into a sieve and would leave the area empty-handed.

Upon hearing Leonard's proposition, the people echoed their thoughts and nodded their heads.

"Well..." Elvis said, as soon as the crowd quieted down. "Okay, I'll try once more. I'll send someone to ask her opinion about the matter. But if she refuses again, then I'll be at the end of my rope! No more bothering her!" He heaved a deep sigh after gesturing his hands into a cross.

Not long after, Elvis waved at a servant, who came up to him immediately and whispered into the servant's ear. Immediately, the servant went out to Sabina.

Meanwhile, Elvis served all the guests with various teas and desserts while waiting for news from his daughter. A few moments later, the servant returned and bowed his head at his Chief. Then, he reported, "My Chief, Miss Sabina said she will only see one of the gentlemen this time. But under one condition—he must be able to catch her Duchess Silver first! Miss Sabina has let Duchess Silver out, and it's in the courtyard as we speak."

Hearing this exciting news made the crowd immediately noisy as they exchanged their thoughts.

"Oh, what is she trying to do?" Elvis smiled bitterly and said, "Pardon me, but I think my daughter is just kidding. Please don't take it seriously. You are all seniors after all, even if you're here for her today. Such a behavior offends against good taste, anyway. So, please don't!"

Amidst the sea of voices, Leonard loudly replied, "I have no objection to her request, sir! I'd like to try!" His voice sounded confident, despite knowing that Sabina's Duchess Silver was a rare kind of spiritual beast. After all, he felt that with his current strength, it would not be too hard for him to catch the beast.

On the other hand, the others looked at

e sooner or later," Sabina grunted.

"Hey, don't talk like that," Elvis hurriedly stopped her and frowned in disappointment.

"Others may be terrified by his cruelty, but not I," Sabina said candidly. She did not hide the fact that she hated Alston since long ago.

"Gossip is a fearful thing. The position of our clan is very subtle now. We'd better not do anything that will make people misunderstand us. Especially now that your sister is the empress," Elvis warned, with the furrow between his eyes getting even deeper.

"But I don't think Alston cares about her that much. If he has shown any respect, my sister wouldn't have left the Palace City and returned home a year ago. Now, she refuses to go back there. What does the title of empress do us any good?" Sabina's voice turned cold. She felt sorry for her elder sister, and apart from that, she was suffering from guilt. Her elder sister had to marry Alston because she had run away. It should have been her and not her elder sister in that position. Back then, her clan had no other choice but to marry a daughter into the royal family. For so many years, Alston had never had any feelings for her elder sister, so she secretly returned to the Ji Clan a year ago.

"I do not want to discuss this topic further." Elvis waved his hands. To him, what was done could not be undone, and it was too late to do anything.

As soon as both of them became silent, a burst of screams reached their ears. Apparently, many people had been tortured by Duchess Silver.

"Sabina, I think that's enough. Come on, save some for them!" Elvis advised with a slight smile.

"If they don't even have the ability to catch my beast, how do they expect me to put themselves in my eyes?" Sabina sighed, and then her voice turned faint. "Perhaps, the one I'm waiting for will never come." Her thoughts slowly drifted away, like flowing water.

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