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   Chapter 1042 Noisy Hall

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7000

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Not long after Rocky left the valley, two beautiful figures appeared. As they looked around the empty valley, one of the beautiful figures could not help but feel a little dejected.

"Are you unhappy because you can't see Mr. Bai in the future anymore?" The first figure looked at the other figure beside her. There was a faint and gentle smile in her beautiful eyes. Her slightly flapping colorful wings shone beautifully because of the shining spiritual dots.

If Rocky were still here, he would definitely be very surprised by this. The woman who spoke was Cherry whom he had looked so hard for before but did not find.

The figure beside Cherry was no other than Sue. Sue had been saved by Cherry back then.

Now Sue had grown into an exceptionally beautiful woman. Her innocence and naivety had been replaced by maturity and charisma. She was already a beauty that would tempt any man.

When Rocky came to the valley six months ago, Cherry had already known he was there. When Rocky came to the remains of the Butterfly Divine Clan to look for her, she deliberately avoided seeing him. She felt that it was not the right time to meet him.

In the past six months, Cherry had taken Sue along with her to see Rocky several times. Of course, they lurked secretly, to avoid being discovered by Rocky. Cherry could not let Rocky know that Sue was still alive. To a certain extent, Sue was a bargaining chip with which she could make Rocky obey her orders when she needed it. That was why she saved Sue in the first place.

"Cherry, when do you think I can meet Mr. Bai?" Sue turned to look at Cherry and shyly asked. She was slightly biting her pink lips, a sign that she was anxious about Cherry's answer. During the past six months, she could not visit Mr. Bai even though she knew he was in the Myriad Beasts Ground. This made her suffer so badly because she knew that Mr. Bai thought that she was already dead. She knew that her supposed death must have made Mr. Bai terribly heartbroken. So, she hoped to see him again and tell him that she was very much alive.

"It's not the ri

, his strength had reached the premium grade of the Supernal Stage. He was also a very famous warrior at the Supernal Stage in the Holy Dragon Empire.

"Chief Leonard, that's not fair. I come here more often than you, but I haven't seen Miss Sabina even once. How is that fair that you'll get to see her before we do? Don't you take my clan seriously?" Another old man sitting in the reception room immediately cut in. The old man who complained was Myron, an elder of the Wang Clan which is the weakest clan in the Holy Dragon Empire. He came on behalf of the Wang Clan. In addition, like Leonard, he also wanted to see Sabina and grab the opportunity to present his chief's son.

"The both of you, I came here at the fourth prince's order. I should meet her before you do, so that I can report to His Royal Highness." Another master at the Supernal Stage immediately stood up and mentioned his master as leverage.

Soon enough, the whole reception room was in an uproar. Everyone had their own reasons to go first, but all of them had only one goal which was to see Sabina.

Of course, it was exceedingly difficult to see her.

Elvis, who was sitting in the middle, also felt a little troublesome when he saw the chaotic scene. Although it was not the first time that he saw this kind of commotion, he didn't want to be unfriendly to them because these people are all powerful people.

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