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   Chapter 1033 Take Action Tonight

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When Marcia and Rocky rushed back to the Holy Dragon Empire, Alston had already returned from the Dragon Master Clan.

At this moment, Priest Dean and many other officials were gathered in the Grand Holy Hall. The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire was sitting on the magnificent throne, while Alston was standing alone in the middle.

"Alston, what have you got from your trip to the Dragon Master Clan? Do tell us now," the emperor asked Alston calmly while he was sitting back on his throne.

But in fact, he did not need to ask. He could already feel that Alston's strength had been greatly improved after he went to the Dragon Master Clan. He had been promoted from the third grade to the fourth grade of the Supernal Stage. It had only been a few days, and an improvement like that was indeed amazing.

"Your Majesty, I've learned a lot during my trip to the Dragon Master Clan. I've explored many places, and I've experienced and seen so much of the world..." Alston answered gently, cupping his hands together. There was a hint of complacency in his eyes.

"Well, that's good to hear." The emperor nodded at him and did not ask any more questions. As a matter of fact, the emperor looked preoccupied.

Alston also sensed the strangeness in the emperor's demeanor. His eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion.

Then, the ministers gathered around Alston to congratulate him. Obviously, they all knew that Alston's visit to the Dragon Master Clan not only helped him improve his strength, but also made him a valuable ally to the Dragon Master Clan. Without a shadow of a doubt, this meant that he would be the next emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire. Therefore, they must win the favor of the country's future leader.

Alston acted accordingly, but his eyes never left the emperor when he noticed the emperor's thoughtful look. He always felt that the emperor was hiding something.

Not long after, the emperor left, and all the ministers followed. Then, Alston and Priest Dean walked out of the Grand Holy Hall last.

"Your Royal Highness, I have a question if you don't mind. Why did the patriarch of the Dragon Master Clan ask you to go to them?" Priest Dean asked shrewdly. Of course, he did not buy that the only reason why Alston was called to the Dragon Master Clan was just to improve his strength.

"Well, the patriarch thinks very highly of me. So, he thought that if I become the emperor, I will make the Holy Dragon Empire better. He hopes that my father will abdicate soon, so I can take over the position of the emperor," Alston said in a hushed tone, but his eyes were filled with excitement.

"Of course. I see. However, considering His Majesty'

he forbidden area, so we must force the emperor to abdicate as soon as possible," the black figure said immediately. It was clear that they had no choice but to find a way to complete the patriarch's orders.

"So, what do you think we should do?" Alston asked. He had no idea how they would accomplish this.

"Since the emperor is unwilling to abdicate, we have to use force to ensure that you will take over the throne. If that happens, you may not know how to enter the forbidden area. But as long as you become the emperor, you will have plenty of time and chance to know to get the treasure. And if you take over, you can work for the Dragon Master Clan which will benefit you a lot," the black figure said coldly.

"Then let's do it tonight." After their discussion, the black figure disappeared from where he stood.

Later that night when the whole Palace City was dark and silent, the emperor's bedroom was still brightly lit.

The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire walked back and forth alone in his private chamber. There were dark circles under his eyes, and he looked a little anxious. He couldn't fall asleep for the past few nights because Marcia hadn't replied to any of his messages yet. He was very worried about whether Basil was really still alive or not.

The emperor suddenly stopped his pacing because he sensed something. He immediately turned to look outside the chamber and shouted in a low voice, "Hello, who is there?"

Suddenly, a figure entered the bedroom.

"What? Alston? It's so late. What are you still doing here?" The emperor was surprised to see Alston in his chamber at this hour.

"Father, I beg you to step down from the throne. I really don't want to have come to this point." Alston suddenly opened his mouth with a gloomy face.

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