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   Chapter 1031 He Is Tough And Terrifying

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Geoffrey never would've expected that Marcia, one of the Three Great Generals of the Holy Dragon Empire, would come all the way to the Timber Deity Empire. Yet here she was, and at such a critical moment, too—what a coincidence!

"She looks gorgeous!" Algy, the eldest prince of the Timber Deity Empire, gaped at Marcia's beauty. He was instantly taken by her.

"What took you so long? I would elope with her if you were any later," Rocky said jokingly. He too was relieved to see Marcia.

"Elope?" Marcia frowned. She couldn't help but glance at Lucilla, who was standing next to Rocky.

"In order to save me, she abandoned the position of chief of the Cao Clan," Rocky explained, his tone suddenly growing serious. "That makes me responsible for her."

"So, is she the chief of the Cao Clan? Huh, you are such a playboy!" Marcia wagged a finger and glared at Rocky. However, deep inside, she felt a little shocked that the girl refused to be the chief of her clan just to save him. Frowning deeply, Marcia could only guess why she would make such a sacrifice. "You already have Isis," Marcia complained in a whining tone. "No, not only Isis, but also my disciple, and the Witch Lena... All of them care about you so much! How could you be so foolish and goof around all the time?"

Marcia was practically shouting by now, so everyone nearby overheard. Exchanging confused glances, they couldn't believe their ears. How did Rocky manage to get so many notable women to care about him so much? Isis was the daughter of Lance, one of the Three Great Generals. Marcia's disciple and the Witch of Holy Dragon Empire also held high positions.

"This bastard truly is a playboy!" Queenie cursed sourly.

On the contrary, Lucilla remained calm. She kind of figured there were women other than her who cared for Rocky deeply.

"He is not a good man," Marcia told her gently. "I advise you to go back and be the chief of your clan."

"How can I take back my words? Besides, if I go back to the Cao Clan, Prince Geoffrey will de

h the Flaming Blade in his hand, rushed towards the spirit manipulators at the Supernal Stage and the Heavenly Stage as though death didn't scare him.

Simultaneously, Marcia also flew at Sherman and another peerless master at the Divine Stage at lightning speed.

A few gruesome minutes passed and more than half of Geoffrey's and Algy's people had been killed or incapacitated. Even the several masters at the Supernal Stage had been completely annihilated by Rocky, as they didn't have the power to fight back.

After that, Rocky suddenly appeared in front of Dunn, who had been glued to his place, too frightened to move a muscle. Dunn's face fell when he saw Rocky approaching. He had thought that this would've been a great opportunity to elevate his social status; never would he have expected he'd be killed by Rocky like this.

Before Dunn could even react, Rocky swung the Flaming Blade at him, slashing through his body. The strong Evil Flame instantly devoured him, until there was nothing left of him but a pile of ashes.

On the other end of the battle, Marcia also defeated her two enemies at the Divine Stage, forcing them to retreat.

It was not until the very moment that Geoffrey and Algy realized that Rocky was more difficult to deal with than they had ever imagined. Never in their lives had they felt so desperate than now.

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