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   Chapter 1030 The Legendary General Came To Rescue Him

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"Chief Lucilla, you have to consider it well. If you and your people dare to meddle in this matter, your whole clan will definitely be uprooted from the Timber Deity Empire tomorrow," Geoffrey said threateningly.

Lucilla narrowed her eyes. In fact, she had already considered the consequences before she came. She didn't want to implicate the Cao Clan, but still had to save Rocky.

"Cao Clan, listen to order! No matter what happens next, no one is allowed to interfere! From now on, everything I do is my own business and has nothing to do with the clan!" She swept her gaze over the members of her clan before eventually fixating it on Queenie. "Queenie, come here."

Although Queenie was puzzled, she still came forward.

"Queenie, from now on, you're the chief of the Cao Clan. Keep this token. It represents our clan's chief's identity." Lucilla took out a purple gold token and put it in her sister's hand.

"Sister?" Lucilla had worked hard for this position for a decade, so it really came as a shock to Queenie that her sister would give up the position so easily!

She naturally wasn't the only one to feel astonished. Lucas and other members of the Cao Clan, as well as Geoffrey and Algy, were also shocked by Lucilla's abrupt decision.

"Your Royal Highness, are you satisfied now?" Lucilla turned to look at Geoffrey and asked.

Geoffrey's eyes darkened. Fury was etched on his face.

"I don't want to be the chief at all! I also want to save that bastard! Whoever wants to be the chief can take it right now. I don't give a damn!" Queenie immediately threw the token backward, completely not caring about where or whom it landed on. She put on a determined look as if she was ready to risk everything to save Rocky.

"Master Lucas..." Lucilla looked at Lucas, hoping that Lucas would take the token and thus the position over.

"Have you really made up your mind?" Although Lucilla's sudden decision surprised him, Lucas could understand why she did so. He asked that just to make sure she was already resolute.

Lucilla answered with an earnest nod.

"All right then!" Since Lucilla had made up her mind, Lucas knew that saying anything further would only be a waste of breath. He just directly turned to face the members of the Cao Clan a

yone on the scene.

Everyone's expression suddenly changed. An astonishing spiritual pressure had fallen upon them. Aside from those Divine Stage masters, everyone was having a hard time under this pressure. The weaker spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage even vomited blood on the spot.

Before the figure even made her real move, the power she displayed had already unnerved everyone present.

"In the entire Wild Spirit Land, aside from Her Royal Highness, only one other woman can reach the Divine Stage at such a young age and can control a dragon beast. Is she…?" Lucas stared at the delicate figure with his turbid eyes. All of a sudden, his expression changed. He looked as if he had a guess about the woman's identity.

"I'm Marcia Mu from the Holy Dragon Empire. I'm here to pick up our Prince Basil. Please note this; I'll kill anyone who dares to hurt him!" Her words gave another shock to the crowd.

"She's Marcia Mu? One of the Three Great Generals of the Holy Dragon Empire?"

"This super powerful figure of the Holy Dragon Empire came to our empire in such an aggressive and showy way as if she was walking into an empty land..."

"I heard that Marcia Mu's strength is comparable to that of our princess and that she's a beautiful woman. Now that I'm seeing her in person, I have to say—she does deserve the reputation..."

Everyone was stunned. It had never once crossed their minds that this delicate figure was Marcia, one of the Three Great Generals of the Holy Dragon Empire.

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