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   Chapter 1029 Protect Him Regardless Of Any Risk

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In the blink of an eye, two waves of strong spiritual power flooded the area within a hundred meters around the fighters, along with the flashing lights that the two forces had created. The strong spiritual power lashed out at the surroundings and anyone unfortunate enough to be near, forcing everyone to retreat. Even the enchanted barrier that Sherman had cast began to fluctuate violently.

At the same time, the two forces enveloped in light suddenly intersected with each other, as the two fighters, Rocky and Alexander, fought with all their might.

After the dazzling light dissipated and the aftermath of the spiritual power gradually subsided, Rocky, who had exchanged position with Alexander, suddenly spat out a few mouthfuls of blood to the ground. The blood on his lips and chin made him look quite terrifying.

"Ha-ha!" Geoffrey laughed in delight, thinking that Rocky had finally reached his limit and would die soon. Yet, he didn't know that he would pay a heavy price for his naivety and arrogance.

Almost at the same time, a light flashed in Rocky's body, and Ken immediately shot out and landed on the ground. The limit of the Spirit Possession had been reached.

Thus, Rocky immediately took Ken back to his Magic Spiritual Space.

At that very moment, Alexander fell to his knees on the ground, as his body shook violently as if his internal organs were trying to come out. His face and lips were turning a worrying shade of blue, and even though he didn't spit out blood, the spiritual power in his body was in a mess. It was going crazy and attacking his own body.

"Chief Alexander?!" Seeing this, Geoffrey was stunned, because he never thought that Alexander would have been injured.

"Damn it! What did you do to me?" Alexander snarled at Rocky. It seemed that he didn't realize he was injured, as he looked as shocked as those around him. In that last strike against each other, he and Rocky fought with all their strength, and he felt that Rocky could no longer fight against him.

But after the fight, Alexander felt an intense spiritual power rush into his body, which caused severe damage to his body. It messed up with the spiritual power inside his body. And now, he felt like his body was about to shatter if he moved even a little.

"I simply did what you had done to me before," said Rocky, smiling evilly. It turned out that the reason why he vomited blood just now was not that Alexander injured him. It was because he used the devouring power of the Holy Dragon Bead to devour Alexander's spiritual power forcefully. At the same time, he gave the devoured spiritual power back to Alexander. It was a very destructive strate

t involved in the chaos because of his current identity, or they could be branded as traitors.

"It's not just me," Lucas replied with a smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, a group of people rushed over, led by Lucilla and Queenie, who was sitting on Robin's shoulder.

"You..." Rocky was stunned. Words seemed to have failed him, as he looked at his friends.

This was the elite power of the Cao Clan.

"Mr. Rookie!" Lucilla cried out, upset when she saw that he was gravely injured.

"Chief Lucilla, do you want to rebel? I can't believe that you want to cover up for the prince of the Holy Dragon Empire..." Of course, Geoffrey didn't expect that the people of Cao Clan would have the guts to meddle in his business. Moreover, so many people had come. This made it impossible for him to kill Rocky today.

"I've heard about Mr. Rookie's identity from Queenie. And even though he is the prince of the Holy Dragon Empire, it makes no difference to us. It won't affect our attitude to him. Mr. Rookie has helped our clan a lot. I don't care what kind of prince he is; I only know that we should repay his kindness and favor!" Lucilla said seriously.

"Humph! Do you want to ruin the Cao Clan's future for a man?" Geoffrey said coldly.

"Your Royal Highness, Mr. Rookie is my dearest friend, whom I respect greatly. Now that he is in trouble, I will surely help him," Lucas also added. After all, Lucilla was not the only one who wanted to help Rocky; all of them did.

The other members of the Cao Clan immediately echoed and expressed their support.

Geoffrey was so furious that his body trembled violently. How could this man be so popular and well-respected? Even the Cao Clan wanted to protect him regardless of any risk that it could do to their clan!

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