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   Chapter 1026 Flaming Dragon Wrath

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The spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage were terrified of Rocky. But they were instantly relieved as they received assistance from two warriors who were at the primary grade of the Supernal Stage. This quickly boosted their morale. Once again, they charged towards Rocky with their own spirit-manipulated beasts.

The two warriors at the Supernal Stage also summoned their own spirit-manipulated beasts. By this time, a group of people had already surrounded Rocky.

All of a sudden, different forms of Heavenly Stage spiritual martial arts blasted all around Rocky. Dust covered the entire area as their spiritual powers shot in all directions.

After about ten strikes of the Heavenly Stage spiritual martial arts, Rocky was instantly bombarded with two strikes of Supernal Stage spiritual martial arts. This move was as quick as lightning. This was considered as a deadly attack because it contained the full strength of the Supernal Stage.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the blink of an eye, a cloud of dust had risen two meters from where Rocky was standing. It reached the sky and there was a spiritual light shining in that exact spot.

Those attacks from the warriors at the Supernal Stage were indeed extraordinary. The combined power of the two strikes was as strong as a dozen spiritual martial arts.

At that moment, they detected no movement from Rocky. For a moment, everything remained still.

"Humph! Is he already dead? I thought he'd put up a good fight. I guess I was wrong. I clearly overestimated his power. What a shame!" Geoffrey snorted derisively. He didn't expect Rocky to be so weak.

Without warning, a figure shrouded in black flame shot out of the dust and charged towards the nearest warrior at the Supernal Stage. It moved so fast that they barely saw who or what it was. Obviously, it was none other than Rocky. At first, the warrior appeared intimidated by Rocky's momentum. Nonetheless, he immediately commanded his spirit-manipulated beast to block the attack. He was quite confident since his beast was at the fourth grade of the four-star level.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey and the others were shocked. They couldn't believe Rocky was able to withstand their combined attacks and remain unscathed.

Rocky swung his Flaming Blade of the Frozen Wind Dagger in the air. Shortly after, an arc-shaped Moon Blade about two meters long shot out of it. It immediately shoved the spirit-manipulated beast out of his way. Afterward, he continued charging towards the warrior.

"Take this!" Rocky muttered under his breath as he got closer to his chosen opponent. The warrior at the primary grade of the Supernal Stage was shocked when he realized that Rocky was already in front of him. His shock quickly turned to anger so he launched a full attack of the spiritual martial arts at the Supernal Stage. This move was supposed to push Rocky b

r in the seventh grade of the Supernal Stage. They thought that Rocky was begging for death. According to their knowledge, Rocky was weaker than a warrior in the seventh grade of the Supernal Stage.

But to everyone's surprise, Rocky's aura suddenly increased as he got closer to the warrior!

It went from the third grade to the fourth grade... In an instant, it reached the sixth grade...

Now, it was up to the seventh grade!

In just a short span of time, Rocky's strength had risen to the seventh grade of the Supernal Stage. Geoffrey and two peerless masters at the Divine Stage were flabbergasted. They had no idea how Rocky managed to do that!

The warrior in the seventh grade of the Supernal Stage was also extremely surprised. It was incredible how Rocky's strength had reached the seventh grade in a heartbeat. However, he maintained his composure and calmly directed his spirit-manipulated beast at the fourth grade of the five-star level to launch an attack. At the same time, he had rapidly gathered his spiritual power. He was ready to fight in full strength.

Meanwhile, the three other warriors at the Supernal Stage chased after Rocky. They had planned to take this opportunity to attack him.

A cryptic smile suddenly appeared on Rocky's face. As soon as he gathered spiritual power, he opened the Magic Spiritual Space. A colorful shadow beast rushed out of it. The next moment, it just disappeared with him.

The four warriors were taken aback as they lost sight of their target. He just disappeared into thin air!

All of a sudden, they heard someone shout. "Flaming Dragon Wrath!"

A split-second later, a figure unexpectedly appeared out of nowhere. At the same time, there were four aggressive red flaming dragons rushing out of the Flaming Blade of the Frozen Wind Dagger.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The earth shook as loud booming sound reverberated throughout the entire area.

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