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   Chapter 1025 He Was Far Outnumbered

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Soon, another figure came out of the ancestral temple. He was tall and robust, and his aura was of the Heavenly Stage.

"Rocky, long time no see!" the figure called out to Rocky.

"Dunn?" Rocky recognized that the man at once. Dunn was a spy in the Crimson Dragon Group for many years under Alyssa's order. Then, after his identity as a spy had been discovered, he returned to the army of the Timber Deity Empire.

Logically speaking, since Dunn was a spy arranged by Alyssa, he could be considered a trustworthy person for her. However, Rocky did not expect that Dunn would betray her. The traitor thought that he was doing the right thing by using the opportunity to improve his strength and social rank.

"Now you can't deny it, can you?" Geoffrey stared at Rocky gleefully.

Rocky shrugged and smiled. Since Geoffrey had even bribed such an important witness, then Rocky had no reason to refute. Instead of responding, he turned to Queenie and said, "This is none of your business. Just go back to the Cao Mansion!" He wanted her to stay somewhere safe because he knew that a fierce battle could erupt at any moment. He didn't wish to involve Queenie or the Cao Clan in his problems.

"No, I won't go back. I can't let them gang up on you." Queenie didn't care about Rocky's true identity. Her only thought was that she couldn't let Geoffrey and others browbeat Rocky.

Of course, Rocky would not give her any chance to be willful. He seized her, released a wave of his domineering spiritual power to lock the spiritual power inside her body, and then summoned Robin.

"Take her back to the Cao Mansion," Rocky ordered as he threw Queenie on its back.

"No, let me go!" Since her spiritual power was locked, Queenie couldn't do anything to fight back. That didn't stop her from glaring at Rocky and struggling, albeit uselessly.

Meanwhile, Robin looked around warily. It could probably tell that its master was in danger, so it was unwilling to leave him. However, under Rocky's insistence, it howled mournfully, then took Queenie out of the crowd, quickly flying away with her on its back.

On the other hand, Geoffrey didn't order anyone to chase after Queenie because he didn't want to get her involved either. After all, she was a member of the Cao Clan. Even if the clan wanted to protect Rocky, he had us

uch a warrior in a few seconds. However, they took courage in the fact that they outnumbered him, and quickly regained their momentum. At the same time, they summoned their spirit-manipulated beasts to assist in the battle. Dozens of shadow beasts flocked to attack Rocky.

With Rocky's current strength, not even forty spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage were a threat to him, let alone just twenty of them. Thus, he met them in battle with courage and determination. This was the difference between the strengths at the Supernal Stage and the Heavenly Stage.

Soon, more than half of the twenty spirit manipulators had been killed or injured, while Rocky was yet to break out in a sweat.

"What are you waiting for? Attack him together!" Geoffrey's face darkened. He signaled to the masters at the Supernal Stage who were still standing there furiously, trying to get them to attack Rocky.

Generally speaking, spirit manipulators who had reached such a stage had great pride for their craft. It meant that they were rarely willing to attack weaker people, especially when there was only one spirit manipulator on the other side.

Therefore, several masters at the Supernal Stage looked at each other, speechless. At first, they were unsure whether they should gang up on a single person. After a few moments of hesitation, two masters at the primary stage of the Supernal Stage took the lead to attack Rocky. Perhaps, in their opinion, with the help of the two relatively weaker masters, it would be more than enough to take Rocky down.

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