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   Chapter 1023 Queenie Was Attacked

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Rocky had spent most of his time in Woods' mansion for the past few days. He focused on studying and refining the Holy Spirit Panacea, but inwardly, he was about as anxious as a raging river. Alyssa had not come to see him for a couple of days, and he was eager to know how things went on.

It was already getting dark when Alyssa finally showed up, just as Rocky expected.

"Hey, what's up? Is everything all right?" Rocky asked as soon as he saw her.

"Laney sent me a message earlier today. She said that Marcia is coming all the way here to see you in person." She paused when Rocky looked at her in surprise. "Are you surprised? I guess she is a very cautious person, which is wise of her. But I don't think she needed to come here in person. All she needs to do is to prepare everything to make sure that you can go back smoothly and safely. On the other hand, this might be a better idea. This way, I can rest peacefully knowing that she can protect you from any danger on the way back!" Rocky heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing the news. Marcia wouldn't come in person if she didn't believe Alyssa. Thus, she must have thought that he was still alive, which made things easier for him.

Even back then, he had been worried that Marcia would have found his death suspicious and would look into it, which would inevitably delay his return to his empire. Even if he tried to go back to the Holy Dragon Empire stealthily, it would still take a lot of time.

"Marcia will be here soon. I suggest that you stay inside this mansion until she arrives. I just received information that Geoffrey may have discovered your real identity. Many commanders have seen you during the war between your country and mine. And even though most of them are on my side, and most of them are still at the border, one or two may have returned to the capital. If Geoffrey confirms that you're Prince Basil, he will undoubtedly take this opportunity to kill you," Alyssa warned seriously.

"Okay, I won't leave this mansion," Rocky agreed, knowing that not only was his life at stake, but Woods and Alyssa could get in trouble too.

"That's it. This may be the last time we see each other in such a friendly atmosphere. If we get a chance to meet again, I'm afraid we'll be enemies," said Alyssa with a sad smile on her face. "So long, take care of yourself!" Truthfully, she didn't want to see Rocky anymore when she found out for sure that he was about to return to the Holy Dragon Empire. She couldn't make up her mind with what she had to do for her curse, so in the end, she gave up trying to decide for now.

"Please remember to pull you

ion. Prince Geoffrey has found out about Mr. Rookie's true identity. He is a very dangerous person, and a great threat to the Timber Deity Empire. Prince Geoffrey is now preparing to go to Prince Woods' mansion to catch him," said Tate seriously.

"Liar! How could that bastard be dangerous? There's no way that is true! Are you kidding me? How could he be a threat to the Timber Deity Empire?" Queenie couldn't believe a single word he said.

"Believe it or not, it's up to you. I came here to inform Lucilla in case your clan can make some preparation for it. I know Lucilla won't see me, and won't believe me even if I manage to see her. Thus, I came to you instead. Please do tell her!"

As soon as he said his piece, Tate turned around and flew away as fast as he could. "Wait a moment!" shouted Queenie from behind him, but he was already gone. The things he had said made her mind wander. Coupled with the hasty way that he had left, Queenie couldn't help but feel suspicious. She needed to know more about this!

She got up to follow him outside, hoping that he would tell her more, but Tate was faster than she thought. Queenie ran after him with all her might, and as she was about to catch up with him, he suddenly disappeared.

Queenie stopped short, looking around, but Tate had left no trace. The disappointment felt like a lead weight that had been tied to her hands and feet, making her movements sluggish and heavy. All of a sudden, the strong aura of a Divine Stage master approached her and trapped her where she stood. She could not even move, let alone look at the master, because he had locked her spiritual power inside her. In the next moment, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she fell to the ground soundlessly.

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