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   Chapter 1022 Counting Down

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The room was tense, as Marcia stared at Laney down, her beautiful eyes narrowed in thought. "Does he know that Isis is pregnant with his child?" she asked.

Laney nodded but didn't say anything else.

"I see. Let Rocky know that he doesn't have to worry about anything. I will take care of things here, and I will protect Isis and the babe from Alston myself. Your princess is right, though. A despicable man like Alston will undoubtedly stir up trouble again if he finds out that his younger brother is still alive. We need to get ready for that." Although Marcia still didn't know why Alyssa would help Rocky, she had to admit that Alyssa had a point.

"General Marcia, I've told you everything I know. But if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I will tell you everything I know!" Laney volunteered, looking into Marcia's eyes to prove her sincerity.

"Tell Alyssa that I will go to the Timber Deity Empire in person." As cautious as Marcia, she would never trust Laney completely. She would go to the Timber Deity Empire in person, and if they were telling the truth, and Rocky was alive, she would take him back then. But before anything else, she needed to confirm it first.

"I will. If there's nothing else, I'm leaving now. If you need anything from me, you can find me in the Fragrance House, where I will be staying for now." After that, Laney bowed respectfully and left.

When she was gone, Marcia got up to leave the mansion and rushed to the Palace City to see the emperor. Even though she couldn't completely believe what Laney had told her, she still needed to let the emperor know. After all, it was about his son.

The emperor immediately summoned her when the servant told him that Marcia was coming.

"General Marcia, is there anything urgent?" She had never shown up on her initiative in the Palace City unless something important came up. The fact that she was here told him that there must be something special going on.

"Your Majesty!" Marcia greeted and cast a meaningful glance at the maids, who were standing behind the emperor.

The emperor caught her gaze promptly, and his curiosity ratcheted up to ten. "Leave us alone," he immediately ordered, waving his maids outside.

The maids left immediately, leaving only the two of them in the hall.

"Go ahead. Do you need to tell me something important?" Seriousness also crept on the emperor's face when he saw how serious Marcia was.

"Yes, Your Majesty. It's about Basil — he's still alive!" Marcia said, unable to contain the emotions that stirred within her, making her voice tremble.

The emperor looked at her in shock and fell heavily on his chair, his legs trembling weakly. The news was too much for him. First, his son had died, but now he was alive again?! Sabina, Marcia's apprentice, had witnessed Basil's death with her own eyes, so did she get it wrong? Or was this an elaborate prank on Marcia's end?

"General Marcia, what's wrong with you? This isn't a good joke. I won't forgive you if you insist on saying these things," replied the emperor softly. He wondered what had provoked Marcia to do this cruel thing. Was she no longer a general he could trust?

"Your Maj

eyes were swollen, which made it obvious that she had been crying. It was noticeable that she had lost a lot of weight, and she seemed to be getting thinner every day.

Basil's death disheartened Isis, and if it weren't for the fact that she was pregnant with Basil's child, which pushed her to go on, she would have collapsed long ago.

"Isis, I'm going to the Timber Deity Empire for something urgent. How about you going with me to the Crimson Dragon Group? You haven't been back for a long time, have you?" Marcia asked Isis as she stepped forward so that Isis would look at her.

However, Isis was blank-faced. She didn't even glance at her when she shook her head and said, "I don't want to go anywhere."

"I think a change of environment would do you some good. Staying in the Palace City all day long isn't doing you any favors, you know? Even if you don't care about your physical condition, you need to consider the baby. I think that you should take him to the place where his father used to live and tell him what kind of person his father is. In that way, this child can be as brave as his father in the future. Besides, I think your father might also want to see you around," Marcia insisted once again. It broke her heart to see Isis in the throes of her despair.

Meanwhile, Isis remained blank-faced and silent.

Marcia continued to describe the good it would bring to her and the baby if she had a change of place. At last, Isis couldn't resist the temptation and surrendered. After packing up her necessities, she left the Palace City with Marcia and went to the Gehenna Border.

Marcia's intention was not only to improve Isis's moods. She was worried that Isis would be endangered once the news that Basil was still alive broke out, so she needed to bring Isis out of the Palace City. Just in case, she brought Isis to her father, who would protect her well. Besides, if Marcia could bring Basil back successfully, Isis could see him as soon as possible at this place because it was much closer.

After Marcia departed from the capital, the countdown of Rocky's return to the Holy Dragon Empire began.

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