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   Chapter 1021 The Purpose of Laney's Visit

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Meanwhile, at Marcia's mansion of the Holy Dragon Empire, the henchman sent by Marcia two days ago had just returned. In the study, he carefully handed over a small and delicate box that he brought back from the Ji Clan to Marcia.

"You must be tired. Go and get some rest first," Marcia ordered in a concerned voice.

Right after she saw the henchman close the door behind him, she picked up the delicate box and meticulously opened it slowly. As soon as she opened it, she took a closer look at what was inside. Out of the blue, her body began to tremble upon recognizing what was inside. At that moment, all she could show was a myriad of complex expressions. Soon after, a crystal tear suddenly fell from the corner of her eyes.

"He's really not dead. I can't believe it... Really not dead..." Marcia murmured to herself in disbelief. At that moment, all that gave her hope were Laney's words and the evidence in the box that she was holding.

The object she was holding was exactly the Dragon Twined Wood to seal the evil power of the Holy Dragon Bead in Rocky's body back then. Due to the close connection of the Dragon Twined Wood with the evil power of the Holy Dragon Bead in Rocky's body, the Dragon Twined Wood would change no matter how far away it was from Rocky as long as the evil power had any change. The opposite could only happen if Rocky died.

However, at that moment, the crack on the Dragon Twined Wood inside the box appeared to be deeper than before. This was an indication that Rocky had least removed the fourth layer of the seal in his body. This also indicated that the evil power of the Holy Dragon Bead was still changing, which could be positive proof that he was still alive.

In fact, Marcia had a chance to find out the truth before. But after learning that Rocky had already died, Sabina put away the Dragon Twined Wood as a souvenir. She didn't ask Sabina for it, making her miss the opportunity to find out the truth about Rocky's death.

But now that Marcia saw with her own eyes that the Dragon Twined Wood was still changing, she was now sure that what Laney had said before was true—Rocky was not dead.

As a result, Marcia immediately ordered someone to call Laney to the study.

"General Marcia, it appears that you now have the proof. Now, you know that I was telling

t was because, at that moment, she saw how much Marcia cared about Rocky.

"But why did Alyssa help him? He is the prince of our empire. What good will it do to her to help an enemy? Don't you find that odd?" Meanwhile, Marcia was puzzled. What Alyssa did was obviously against common sense, and it was hard to believe that the princess of the Timber Deity Empire was helping the prince of the Holy Dragon Empire and even helping him hide his identity. Spreading this information would cause a great uproar in the two empires and even the entire Wild Spirit Land.

"I don't know about that. The princess said that even if Mr. Rookie returned to the Holy Dragon Empire, and told his father that Alston framed him, there's a huge possibility that his father might not believe it. After all, no one would believe that the emperor's successor would try every means to kill his brother. And with Alston's brutal and sinister attitude, he would definitely never let Mr. Rookie off the hook once his plots were all exposed. With Mr. Rookie's current power in the Holy Dragon Empire, it is obvious that he is not strong enough to fight against Alston yet. Therefore, our princess hoped that you could arrange everything for him before he returned to the Holy Dragon Empire. In her opinion, the only person who could pose a threat to him now was his wife and their unborn child. Mr. Rookie would come back at ease as long as the two can be handled well. And that is the reason why Princess Alyssa sent me here." Laney relayed Alyssa's words to the general.

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