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   Chapter 1018 Full Consideration

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Rocky wanted to shrug, but he thought twice about it and nodded noncommittally instead. On the other hand, Alyssa soldiered on despite his non-answer.

"Then I want to ask you, why are you confident that you can take down Alston alone? I don't think your power in the Holy Dragon Empire is enough to fight against him. Although the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire has given you some measure of power by naming you Prince Crimson, it's nominal and barely enough to fight against Alston. The Crimson Dragon Group is probably the only force that supports you in the Holy Dragon Empire! Marcia seems to treat you favorably, but even her power in the Holy Dragon Empire is not enough to help you defeat Alston. Do you honestly believe you can shake Alston's current position as the successor in the Holy Dragon Empire? You understand what I am saying, right?" Rocky raised one eyebrow at Alyssa. It seemed to him that she had given this so much thought, considering that it had nothing to do with her.

"That's enough. Once I return to the Holy Dragon Empire, I can use the power controlled by Marcia and the Crimson Dragon Group to continue to cultivate my ability. I believe that I will soon have the resources to compete with Alston. Besides, in terms of strength alone, I have already surpassed him," Rocky replied confidently.

"Even so, do you think Alston will give you a chance? He is a despicable man who has even killed his brother for power. You are in danger as long as you are in his territory..." Alyssa insisted with a frown.

"Maybe you are right. However, I am not the same Rocky that left the Holy Dragon Empire years ago. Even if Alston wants to deal with me, it won't be that easy for him," he answered coldly.

"If I were him, I will not deal with you directly, but I will start with the people around you." Alyssa was quite good at the strategy and psychological warfare. She could put herself in Alston's shoes and tell what he would do next.

"Then, I will protect them with all I have. This time, I won't let anyone get hurt." Of course, Rocky would not make the sa

anything, so take my advice as a reward for helping my brother. Even though we will be enemies after you return to the Holy Dragon Empire, you are here right now, and you are still a friend of my brother, so I want to return the favor." Truthfully, Alyssa wanted to think of him as her enemy, but she couldn't do so.

"Okay. What do you think I should do first?" Rocky knew that she probably had ideas that could help since she had thought about this a lot. Thus, he didn't hesitate and promptly asked her.

"From what I remember, you are on good terms with Marcia. And with her status in the Holy Dragon Empire, no one will doubt her words, right?" Alyssa asked, still deep in thought.

"I suppose so," Rocky agreed, nodding lightly.

"Then inform her that you are still alive and ask her to arrange everything for you. Of course, the most important thing is to protect Isis and her baby. You can go back to the Holy Dragon Empire once she has prepared for you in advance, and that will be the time to fight against Alston." Just as Rocky had expected, she had excellent insights on the matter.

"That makes a lot of sense. But why are you helping me? What good will helping me do for you? After all, we will soon become enemies again." That was the elephant in the room. Rocky was grateful, of course, but he had grown used to this world where no one did anything just to help others.

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