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   Chapter 1017 The Most Wanted Thing Was To Take Revenge

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7332

Updated: 2020-07-18 00:14

"Mr. Rookie, is there anything bothering you?" A sweet voice came from behind Rocky, startling him.

He whirled around and saw Lucilla, who walking gracefully toward him.

"Chief Lucilla, what brings you out here?" Rocky asked with a faint smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

"Please, call me Lucilla. I just wanted to thank you for protecting Queenie that day. If it weren't for you, Mr. Rookie, she would have been in danger," Lucilla said gratefully. She greatly appreciated what Rocky had done for her and the Cao Clan, whether it was intentional or not.

"It's no big deal. Anyway, it's the last time." Rocky calmly shook his head.

She couldn't help the gasp that escaped her lips when she heard his words. Her face paled slightly, and her hands trembled by her side. Although she was mentally prepared, she didn't expect that this moment would come so soon. "Are you leaving so soon?"

"I have finished what I planned to do in the Timber Deity Empire. There is no reason for me to stay. Besides, I have other important things to do," Rocky said bluntly.

"I see..." she murmured quietly, looking pitiful and sad.

"What's wrong? Are you missing me already?" replied Rocky jokingly, as his own way of lightening the mood.

"Maybe you are right, but I know you won't stay for me, Mr. Rookie," she answered straightforwardly. From the start, she had a feeling that Rocky could not be hers alone, so she did not harbor any illusions.

"You are right. I cannot stay, but you can consider going with me, as long as you are willing to let go of everything you have now," Rocky said tentatively.

"Mr. Rookie, you know I can't do that... Even if I want to, I can't!" grumbled Lucilla, frowning cutely at him.

"That would be a pity. I thought something more could grow between us, Lucilla." Rocky pretended to be regretful, but Lucilla could see the boyish smirk he was hiding.

"You are so mean. Stop teasing me! You are going to leave already, so why are you making me think about all these things?" As Lucilla spoke, she suddenly leaned forward in Rocky's arms and continued, "When I'm with you, I feel safe. I feel at home. I can put down any disguise and act

about the attack against Woods and Rocky? And the fake death that Rocky arranged was enough proof that there must be something wrong.

Later on, she suspected that her brother must have been hiding something from her. When Rocky appeared later, she felt that all of these could not be a coincidence, so she also asked Laney to gather information secretly, especially information about him when he was still in the Crimson Dragon Group. As a result, she learned that when Alston was in the Crimson Dragon Army, he kept raising objections against Rocky and almost put the Crimson Dragon Army in trouble, which had nearly fulfilled the wish of the Timber Deity Empire. Therefore, after some speculation and analysis, she was sure that the one who attacked Rocky and her brother was the eldest prince, Alston. And it should also be Alston who leaked Rocky's route to her to deal with Rocky. That was all part of his plan.

In her opinion, the reason why Alston tried so hard to get rid of Rocky was that he was worried that Rocky would threaten his position as the successor, so he tried his best to deal with him.

In this case, everything made sense.

"I really can't hide anything from you, can't I?" Rocky said calmly although it seemed that Alyssa had already put together everything.

"So, now that you are going back to the Holy Dragon Empire, your priority is taking revenge on Alston, right?" Alyssa asked as if she had seen through Rocky's mind.

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