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   Chapter 1014 The Forbidden Spell On The Spiritual Race

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Updated: 2020-07-17 03:30

Meanwhile, Rocky had already flown out of the flame mountain with Queenie. As soon as he noticed that no one was chasing them anymore, he landed swiftly and let Queenie go.

As soon as her feet were on the ground, Queenie couldn't stop herself from boasting, "Look! I did it! I grabbed the spiritual treasure. This is amazing!" She couldn't take her eyes off the strangely-shaped spiritual treasure in her hand. It felt like a prize. But if it weren't for Rocky, she couldn't have done it. Worse, she would have been severely injured by the Heavenly Wolf.

However, it didn't seem like Rocky minded it, because he was silently smiling beside her. "Yeah, you are really something!" The praise easily left his mouth, as a warm smile brightened his face. He was glad that he had planned for this in advance, or else, he could have arrived too late to save Queenie. Thankfully, he appeared just in time to fight off the Heavenly Wolf.

Now, Rocky's mission was completed since he had gotten the spiritual treasure for Woods. Woods' victory as the emperor's successor should be in the bag now, thanks to the success of this treasure hunting mission. Thus, he could go back to the Holy Dragon Empire at ease.

As he was reflecting on these things, he suddenly sensed a strong aura approaching him. When he looked up, he saw a delicate body that resembled a dragonfly, and it was rapidly falling from the sky in their direction. Thin gossamer wings were coming out of its back and sparkling under the rays of the sun. The figure's beauty felt ethereal and dreamlike as if it was an embodiment of their dreams. Any man would have gone crazy for such a beauty.

"It's so beautiful! But it seems to be a spiritual race woman..." Queenie murmured in surprise, recognizing the woman's race at a glance. She was a stunning beauty.

Of course, Rocky was shocked as well, but it was for a very different reason. The figure looked vaguely familiar to him, and the sight of her gave him an inexplicably lousy feeling at the bottom of his stomach.

Sure enough, when the delicate figure waved her hand, Queenie suddenly fainted and collapsed on the ground without any warning. The spiritual treasure in her hand flew directly into the delicate figure's hand.

"Hey, lady, couldn't you have chosen a better time to rob us?" Rocky looked at the beautiful figure in front of him with a frown. The last thing he expected when he flew out here was to meet the woman from the spiritual race, whom he had met be

ea that I refined in this bottle, which can help you boost your strength and integrate the hidden power in your body. The way to refine and digest the Holy Spirit Panacea is quite straightforward. Once you have taken it, your body will transform into a furnace, so you will need to completely refine and digest the Holy Spirit Panacea in your body with your spiritual power. However, with your strength, if you want to refine one Panacea, it will take a few months, at the very least, or a year at the most. It all depends on your fate. But as long as you refine these seven Panacea, your strength will reach the Divine Stage." After saying that, she threw the bottle to Rocky.

He caught the bottle with a stunned look on his face. If the woman were telling the truth, then he would make a great fortune. However, he was still suspicious about her plans. If she had all the treasure, why did she want to hide half of the spiritual treasure? There was probably something more, and he would find that out.

Rocky was a brilliant young man. Even though he was suspicious of the woman, he also knew that she would not prevent him from giving the whole spiritual treasure to the Timber Deity Empire for no reason. The Wood Clan sent the people of the Timber Deity Empire to look for the spiritual treasure, which was strange in itself because a forbidden spell was specially made for the spiritual race to prevent them from approaching the spiritual treasure. So it meant that the people who cast the spell didn't want the spiritual race to get the treasure.

However, the Wood Clan tried every means to get this spiritual treasure, which was already suspicious!

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