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   Chapter 1013 Retreat From The Flame Mountain

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6824

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At that moment, the Ice Phoenix Eagle dropped to the ground with a loud thud. Although one of its ice wings broke, it quickly got up and let out a sharp roar. Then it rushed forward to begin its slaughter.

Everyone was focused on getting their hands on the spiritual treasure, so none of them heeded the Ice Phoenix Eagle. The resulting scene was extremely chaotic.

"What a fearless bunch!" Right then, Rocky floated in the air. One moment he sneered and narrowed his eyes. The next moment, he vanished.

Because they didn't work together as a team against the Ice Phoenix Eagle, no one could get near the spiritual treasure and many of them ended up injured while fighting the beast.

"Tate, go and attack it from behind!" Alexander commanded. Realizing they were in a dire situation, he worried it would only get worse.

Tate nodded before approaching the Ice Phoenix Eagle from behind.

"Everyone! We won't get anywhere if we keep scrambling around for the spiritual treasure like this. Why don't we make things easier by working together?" Alexander proposed loudly to several masters of the Divine Stage.

Hearing his proposition, the masters of the Divine Stage glanced at each other before joining hands. This would give them a better opportunity to trap the Ice Phoenix Eagle and seize the spiritual treasure.

Once Alexander and the other masters of the Divine Stage blocked the Ice Phoenix Eagle, around seven to eight Supernal Stage warriors proceeded to approach the spiritual treasure. This group of warriors included Tate, the two sisters from the Cao Clan, and Heavenly Wolf Harold (Algy's subordinate and the first killer of the Timber Deity Empire).

Depending solely on strength wouldn't get them the spiritual treasure in such a chaotic battle. They'd also need a lot of luck.

"Queenie, I'll stop Tate. You go and retrieve the spiritual treasure," Lucilla instructed Queenie before heading for Tate. She'd rather have anyone else claim the spiritual treasure than allowing Tate to own it.

"Lucilla, wh

he eight-star level.

This terrified all who witnessed it.

"Run!" Alyssa shouted once she realized they were all knee-deep in a dangerous situation.

Once the beasts successfully merged, their power would be heightened. Even if Alyssa and several other masters of the Divine Stage worked together, they might not be able to stop them.

Out of nowhere, a spirit-manipulated beast resembling a crane flew over the flame mountain's mouth. Two figures stood on the crane, and one of them donned a white robe and drew circles with his hands to conjure spiritual power.

It was two powerful elders from the Timber Deity Empire.

"Timber heaven and earth..." one of the elders named Nester shouted loudly before a strange light began to glow between his hands. Then, countless branches and tendrils quickly grew from under the feet of the two beasts who were now entangled and trapped.

Meanwhile, the other elder summoned a giant spirit-manipulated beast that closely resembled a spider. It spat out golden threads that formed a web. Soon, both the Ice Phoenix Eagle and the Fire Phoenix Eagle were ensnared in the tight network of tendrils and threads.

"Run! We can't hold it for much longer," Nester exclaimed to Alyssa and the others.

Quickly, Alyssa led her troops to the nearest opening and retreated from the flame mountain towards safety.

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