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   Chapter 1009 A Good Chance

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Alyssa looked around the crowd before she turned to the four princes. Then, she relayed what Rocky had told her. "Mr. Rookie has just put forth a suggestion. He proposed that since Prince Algy and the other three princes were worried about losing the opportunity to compete, we can just take the following performance as the judgment basis. What do you think, brothers?"

When they heard this, Algy and the other three princes looked at each other to gauge each other's reaction. Then Algy said, "It sounds good, but with what criteria will you be judging us? What do you consider good performance and bad performance in action? Besides, the treasure hunting teams under Geoffrey and Woods are obviously stronger. If we take action at the same time, they will still have an advantage."

"Mr. Rookie has also considered that." Alyssa raised an impatient eyebrow, as she waited for them to say anything more. And when they didn't, she continued, "Since the seven-star guardian beast is very powerful, it is unlikely that we can defeat it completely. We have to work together so that we can, at least, obtain that spiritual treasure, while the others are actively distracting it. Therefore, we have to divide into two groups. The first team will be responsible for keeping the seven-star guardian beast at bay. In contrast, the other side will be responsible for breaking the enchanted barrier that protects the spiritual treasure. And for the sake of fairness, the people who will be fighting the seven-star guardian beast will be chosen according to the strength of your treasure hunting team. The strong teams will be chosen with more people than the weaker teams. Through this, we will make sure that all the treasure hunting teams are equally strong."

"If that's the case, then I have no objection. But there must be a standard for the assessment of good performance, right?" Algy said shrewdly.

"The remaining members of the six treasure hunting teams can choose where they will break through. But be aware that as soon as the enchanted barrier is broken, the spiritual treasure will naturally lose its protection. In this way, each treasure hunting team will have a chance to obtain the spiritual treasure. Therefore, the team that can get the spiritual treasure first and bring i

r Royal Highness say to you just now?"

Rocky glanced at her and smiled, "She asked me when I plan to marry you."

Lucilla blushed heavily at this remark, and she answered awkwardly, "I'll explain it to her later. Please don't take it seriously, Mr. Rookie, and don't feel pressured to do as they wish. I'll handle it myself."

"I believe it's a great fortune for any man to marry you, Chief Lucilla. Why, a lot of them are chasing after you," Rocky said frankly.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Rookie is not one of those men. Maybe it's just because I don't have the luck!" Lucilla sighed.

"I'm not a good man, Chief Lucilla. I don't deserve you," Rocky answered earnestly, suddenly meeting Lucilla's soft gaze.

Her eyes flashed as she steeled herself to say something, but before she could, Queenie came rushing in.

"Hey, bastard! Cover me later so that I can grab the spiritual treasure. I'm sure I can get it..." "Queenie, don't be so rude," Lucilla reprimanded immediately.

Meanwhile, Rocky only smiled at Queenie's rudeness. "Okay, you can grab it later as you wish," he said, still smiling.

"Mr. Rookie, you can't just let her do whatever she wants. It will just reinforce her bad behavior! Don't expect her to get the spiritual treasure..." Of course, Lucilla knew her sister well, so she knew that she was likely to fail.

"The stronger they are, the more they will be targeted. So Queenie might have a chance..." Rocky said with a strangely knowing smile as if he already had a good plan in mind.

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