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   Chapter 1006 The Invitation

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Time flew so fast, no one noticed that more than ten hours had passed. Alyssa's injury turned out to be more serious than they had expected. Fortunately, with the help of the Sea Blue Magic Jade, together with the magic effect of the dual cultivation, she recovered within a day.

Alyssa became even better after the dual cultivation. Her wounds were completely healed and her pale face was now tinted with a red blush on her cheeks.

"I think you became more beautiful. As if nothing happened to you," Rocky teased.

Alyssa made a face as she heard Rocky's words, then turned away from him to hide the faint smile that crept on her face. They were still in a dangerous situation, and she knew that it was not easy for Rocky to crack a joke at this time.

"What should we do now?" Rocky stood up and asked.

"The purpose of this task is to get the spiritual treasure, but the guardian beast guarding it is stronger than I imagined. It looks like that if we want to get the spiritual treasure, I have to deal with this seven star guardian beast first. But I'm afraid I can't do it on my own. I have to send out a signal and gather a few treasure hunting teams to help me capture the spiritual treasure!" Alyssa thought about it carefully. Rocky was right, the seven star guardian beast was more dangerous than she had expected, and she herself could not break the enchanted barrier that sealed the spiritual treasure. The only way was to gather the power of several treasure hunting teams.

"What about this task? If they all turn up, then the task will be meaningless." Rocky could not help but express his worry.

"We can decide after we get rid of that seven star guardian beast," Alyssa answered calmly. For her, the most important thing was to get the spiritual treasure.

"But even if we send out the signal, the treasure hunting teams may not survive the danger they need to face just to get here," Rocky said bluntly. His eyes filled with uncertainty.

"What do you mean?" Alyssa looked at Rocky in confusion.

"The spirit-manipulated beasts of the Hell of Dragon Fang did not seem happy with our presence. I doubt they would gladly welcome the treasure hunting teams, regardless if they were led by several

ld like to give Alston some advice. After all, Alston is the remaining heir to the throne of the Holy Dragon Empire. It's very gracious for the head of the Dragon Master Clan to do that," the emperor replied with great regret. For him, Basil was the rightful heir to the throne and not Alston.

"But this never happened before. Your Majesty, are you really going to send Prince Alston there? I'm afraid that the Dragon Master Clan might have other intentions..." One of the royal founding members objected to the idea. There was no apparent reason for Alston to go to the Dragon Master Clan. Moreover, the Dragon Master Clan had never invited a successor of the Holy Dragon Empire before they took over the throne. It was always the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire that was invited and allowed to go to the Dragon Master Clan. Because of this, they could not understand why the Dragon Master Clan would request the presence of Alston, the eldest prince, to their palace.

The other founding members nodded in agreement.

"I think we should be cautious about this." No one was more knowledgeable about the Dragon Master Clan than Marcia, and she did not feel comfortable with the Dragon Master Clan's invitation at all.

"Since it is the order of the head of the Dragon Master Clan, we have no reason to refuse, nor can we refuse!" The emperor was also reluctant to send Alston, but since the Dragon Master Clan had already sent its people, it was impossible for him to refuse.

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