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   Chapter 999 The Gathering Of Beasts

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Over the span of a few days, many perished.

Each treasure hunting team lost around ten or more members to injury or death. Only Geoffrey's and Woods' teams each had only five casualties, which could show just how strong they were.

However, the deeper they trudged into the Hell of Dragon Fang, the stronger the spirit-manipulated beasts they faced. Even more casualties were to be expected as the situation grew more and more dangerous.

Just now, Woods' treasure hunting team had the misfortune of stumbling into the habitat of the Demonic Rock Dogs. They were violently ambushed, and the battle was fierce.

Among the Demonic Rock Dogs, their leader was the strongest, at the fifth grade of the five-star level. Few of them were at the fourth grade of the five-star level, and the rest were at the fourth grade of the four-star level. Together, they attacked fiercely, like a pack of wolves defending their territory.

Two peerless masters at the Divine Stage, Lucas and Brook, had spirit-manipulated beasts at the six-star level. However, the Demonic Rock Dogs stood over two meters tall, with rock-hard skin. Lucas' Sacred Timber Galaxy Colossus was fighting neck and neck with the leader of the Demonic Rock Dogs. While the leader might've been a star lower than Lucas' spirit-manipulated beast, it still put up one hell of a fight. Meanwhile, Lucas, Brook, and Brook's spirit-manipulated beast fought against the few Demonic Rock Dogs at the fourth grade of the five-star level; the warriors at the Supernal Stage and the masters at the Heavenly Stage all struggled against a dozen Demonic Rock Dogs at the fourth grade of the four-star level.

Although the eight warriors at the Supernal Stage and eight spirit-manipulated beasts at the four or five-star level were strong enough to survive their attacks, some of the Demonic Rock Dogs broke through their defense line. To their horror, these scoundrels headed straight for the weaker spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage.

Chaos ensued. Several spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage lay moaning on the ground, having been mangled violently.

"Your Royal Highness, I'm afraid things aren't looki

e sky, he suddenly felt the ground beneath his feet tremble violently, as though tens of thousands of beasts were galloping nearby. Sure enough, it wasn't long before countless shadows of various beasts surrounded them.

Rocky turned pale. There was no way he could face these beasts all at once. Immediately, he hid with Ken.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over the land, as though something massive had blotted out the sky. Looking up, Rocky saw a group of spirit-manipulated beasts of different shapes and sizes flying across the sky, all heading towards a certain direction.

"What is happening? Are these spirit-manipulated beasts in a hurry?" Rocky was puzzled. Out of curiosity, he decided to follow the beasts closely, although he and Ken remained carefully hidden.

After flying about five hundred meters and passing through a dense forest of dead trees, Rocky found himself at a circular valley. The valley was not very large, and three sides were surrounded by steep cliffs.

The beasts of all sorts of shapes and sizes filled up the valley, and even the cliff sides were crowded. Everywhere he looked, there was a spirit-manipulated beast.

Rocky held his breath. The scene was quite spectacular!

Suddenly, Rocky noticed a protruding arched stone hanging at the end of the valley, which led to a cave entrance.

Then, a human-like figure emerged from the cave. The figure wore a tattered black robe that swayed with the wind.

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