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   Chapter 996 Fire Rock Turtle

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After six hours, Rocky recovered more than half of his spiritual power, thanks to the help of the Sea Blue Magic Jade. With that done, he got up and checked on the four larvae of the Dark Heaven Insect, which were undergoing genetic modification experiments. He checked their progress carefully, as he recorded it.

There was a process of change during the experiment, and this change would not show anytime soon, so it would take some time to know for sure whether the experiments were successful or not.

Once he finished with that, Rocky walked out of the Magic Spiritual Space. Seeing that Ken and Robin had almost recovered, he and the two beasts continued their journey.

Although Ken was very sensitive to all kinds of spiritual treasures, it was not omnipotent. Moreover, any treasure with spiritual power would attract its attention regardless if it was Rocky's target or not, so, to his frustration, they had taken many unnecessary detours. They found some low-grade treasures, which were quite useless for someone with his strength. But then, this was better than nothing. At least, it could make up for his hard work.

By now, they had wasted almost the whole day walking and looking for the spiritual treasure, but they could not find even a sliver of its shadow. Sure, they did kill many spirit-manipulated beasts and collected a lot of blood essence and low-grade treasures on the way, but they were useless in the long run.

The strength of these spirit-manipulated beasts had increased from the fourth grade of the four-star level to the fourth grade of the five-star level, which put a lot of pressure on Rocky and the two beasts.

"Ken, can you please fight harder? If it goes on like this, I'm afraid I'll be exhausted before I find the spiritual treasure," Rocky remarked with a bitter smile after they had killed a spirit-manipulated beast in the fourth grade of the five-star level.

On the other hand, Ken also raised its head with an annoyed expression as if it was saying, "It's not my fault." Of course, it wasn't Ken's fault at all. The Hell of Dragon Fang was too big, and the areas that they had visited in the past two or three days were only the tip of the iceberg. He hadn't met any treasure hunting teams, including Woods' team.

lat body appeared under the big crystal. Its body was similar to the turtle. Obviously, it was a spirit-manipulated beast.

Rocky observed the beast and reviewed the Beast Encyclopedia in his head carefully to search for information. Soon, his eyes lit up with surprise. "Is this the Fire Rock Turtle?"

Like the Dark Heaven Insect, the Fire Rock Turtle was a rare spirit-manipulated beast that could produce rare treasures. It was even rarer than the Dark Heaven Insect, as there were very few of them in the entire Wild Spirit Land.

The treasure produced by the Fire Rock Turtle was a turtle shell-shaped crystal, which was called an ethereal crystal. And the lowest-grade ethereal crystal was equivalent to an advanced Dark Heaven Egg. However, Fire Rock Turtles could only produce low-grade ethereal crystals after reaching the third grade of the three-star level. It could also be upgraded to a five-star level at most, and the advanced ethereal crystal that was produced by a Fire Rock Turtle at the five-star level could be considered a great treasure among the middle-grade treasures.

From its shape and the change of its appearance, he deduced that it was just a Fire Rock Turtle at the three-star level. Thus, it could probably produce low-grade ethereal crystals.

"What a coincidence! We didn't find any spiritual treasure, but we met a rare Fire Rock Turtle first." Rocky knew how precious the Fire Rock Turtle was, so he wanted to capture it and then raise it like the Dark Heaven Insect.

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