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   Chapter 994 Deep Into The Hell Of Dragon Fang

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"It's so hot!" Queenie broke out in sweat the moment she entered the Hell of Dragon Fang. The thin fabrics of her clothes became soaked with sweat as it turned translucent. Any surrounding men couldn't help starting daydreaming, and Rocky noticed it.

"Don't you know how to protect yourself with spiritual power?" Rocky glared at Queenie. He had been to the Fire Wave Mountain, and he learned an important lesson from his previous experience. Because of this, he gathered his spiritual power to protect himself from the heat even before they went into the place.

Compared with the Fire Wave Mountain, the heat inside the Hell of Dragon Fang did not scorch his body, but it made him feel uncomfortable. As if his body was on fire.

"Oh, I forgot." Queenie stuck out her tongue and gathered her spiritual power to protect herself. A light breeze touched her skin, and she felt much cooler.

"Just wait for Prince Woods and the others here," said Rocky as he turned to Queenie.

"What about you?" Queenie asked immediately.

"I will go inside alone," Rocky answered with a frown.

"No way! It's too dangerous inside. We should wait for my sister, Prince Woods, and Master Lucas to come!" Queenie had been here before. She had only been to the edge, but all the spirit-manipulated beasts that she had encountered were fierce and troublesome. She knew that if anyone went deep into the Hell of Dragon Fang alone, he or she would court death.

"No. I will not wait for them!" Rocky said as he walked straight forward.

"Hey!" Stunned, Queenie followed him. Somehow, she was worried about Rocky going in alone. After all, Rocky would soon become her brother-in-law, so she could not let him put himself to danger.

Rocky knew Queenie followed him. He turned around to scold her, but she quickly stopped and acted as if she was not following him.

Rocky was aware of Queenie's stubborn nature, and there was no way she would obey his order. So, as Queenie turned around, he made a move and disappeared from where he was.

Queenie was furious when she realized Rocky had disappeared. She stamped her foot on the ground and was about to follow him when a delicate figure appeared beside her and pressed her shoulder.

Startled, Queenie quickly turned around.

e Magic Spiritual Space and dragged the corpse of the Fire Diabolic Leopard inside it. He then asked Robin to freeze it with cold air.

After he was done with the Fire Diabolic Leopard, Rocky continued to walk forward with the two beasts.

Meanwhile, the treasure hunting team led by Woods had also entered the Hell of Dragon Fang through the tunnel at the entrance.

"Queenie, where is Mr. Rookie?" As she entered the Hell of Dragon Fang, Lucilla, who was also a member of the treasure hunting team, immediately looked for her younger sister. She saw her leaning against the Furious Ice Bear alone, and with an angry look on her face.

"He left me alone and ran inside by himself! What a bastard!" Queenie said with clenched fists.

"By himself? But this place is extremely dangerous!" Lucilla asked as worry splashed across her face.

Except for Woods, everyone in the treasure hunting team was also surprised to hear that Rocky went deep into the Hell of Dragon Fang alone.

"How arrogant! I doubt he would survive the cave!" Elder Brook exclaimed in triumph.

"Your Royal Highness, should we send someone to chase after Mr. Rookie?" Lucas immediately looked at Woods and asked.

"No need. Mr. Rookie told me of his plan. He will act alone in this month. He knew what he's doing, so do not worry about him. All of you be prepared. The next few hours will be filled with danger and trials," Woods said to warn them.

Woods then led his treasure hunting team deep into the Hell of Dragon Fang.

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