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   Chapter 987 Great Shock

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The whole beast arena suddenly shook, as the two forces of the Divine Stage collided. The opposing spiritual waves surged everywhere like a hurricane, forcing the people inside the arena to hunker down and hold on to anything they could. Its power was truly astonishing!

The masters at the Supernal Stage who were fighting in the field also felt the impact, as the two strong forces met and tangled with each other. Their eyes met, both with somber expressions.

In a battle of the Divine Stage masters, each move could easily shake the earth!

Lucas returned to the ground, as the winds and debris gradually died down around him. He looked up from his prone position at the old man in front of him, his eyes wide and mouth agape. "It's... It's Master Sherman!"

Master Sherman was one of the most powerful masters on Geoffrey's side, and he was also a member of the royal family. He held such an important position in the empire that if he stomped his feet, the whole Timber Deity Empire would quake in their boots. No one dared to provoke him.

"Master Lucas, we haven't fought for more than ten years, have we?" Although Master Sherman was a little older than Lucas, his bright eyes and strong body made him look younger than he really was. He was not inferior to those who were younger than him.

"Master Sherman, you should be the first to keep the peace in this situation. Don't encourage Prince Geoffrey and Prince Woods to fight! Please step away now," Lucas said politely, though his tone was backed by steel. He hoped that Alexander and Master Sherman would refrain from opposing him. As he spoke, he kept his eye on Alexander vigilantly, because he thought that Alexander might attack Rocky, who was standing near him at that moment.

"Master Lucas, we are very good friends, aren't we? I just want to exchange some friendly blows with you and maybe a little sparring? I'm old and I can't get involved in the fight between young people. So, why don't we leave the decision in the hands of His Royal Highness, Prince Geoffrey?" Master Sherman remarked with a smarmy smile. Of course, he also knew that it would be a great advantage for Woods if Rocky stayed with him. On the other hand, he could take advantage of the chaos to get rid of Rocky, and that would also damage the morale of Woods' camp.

Lucas glared at him fiercely. From what he was saying, it was obvious that he also wanted to kill Rocky, so, of course, Lucas had to come to Rocky's rescue. Without hesitation, Lucas gathered his

r the sky and the sun. It opened its mouth and shot out a streak of lightning, rushing down to Rocky at the speed of light.

Rocky's face darkened at the sight, which others might incorrectly interpret as fear, if not for the bloodthirsty grin that hid in the shadows. He would not sit still and wait for death, and Ken was also itching for a fight. Even though he could rely on Ken's ability to avoid the attack, he could only avoid it for a short while, but the problem would not be solved at all. This time, he needed a great power to help him—one that could frighten everyone here, even the strongest beasts.

"Let me help you!" At this time, a voice echoed in Rocky's mind.

"Can you?" Hearing the voice, a happy smile pulled the corners of Rocky's lips. And he immediately gathered his spiritual power and opened the Magic Spiritual Space.

In the next moment, a deafening dragon roar rang out from the Magic Spiritual Space. Then, a huge black dragon shadow slowly came out from the Magic Spiritual Space, but only half of its body was exposed. Although no one could see its whole body yet, its aura was stronger than the aura of the three six-star spirit-manipulated beasts. It towered over its competitors like the sun in the sky.

The Sacred Timber Galaxy Colossus and the Sky-swallowing Dragon King all showed a trace of fear, as soon as the huge dragon shadow appeared. They all stopped in their tracks like prey that sensed a predator among them. Meanwhile, the Triple-headed Vulture fell from the sky, as it dared not to move as if it was afraid to get the attention of the beast that had just come out.

Everyone was shocked and astonished to see this scene!

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