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   Chapter 986 The Fierce Confrontation

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However, the audience was also in a wild uproar because of the tense atmosphere in the arena. Most of them were truly worried that the two sides would engage in a fierce fight and make things even worse. The battle of the masters at the Supernal Stage should not be taken lightly, especially when there were nearly ten masters present. If the entire arena was destroyed, the audience would not be surprised about it.

Of course, there were also a few people who were excited to see the fight between the two sides, especially the several princes who were present. They seemed to quite enjoy watching the fierce head-on confrontation between Woods and Geoffrey.

'I want them to fight! I must see them fight until their last breath! It will actually be better if a few people are even killed...' Algy clapped his hands and laughed grimly at this thought. Geoffrey and Woods were both powerful enemies, so he obviously wanted to see both of his brothers severely injured. In this way, he knew he could benefit from it.

Meanwhile, at the ongoing stalemate at the center of the arena, Tate stared at Rocky viciously. This was the perfect time for him to get rid of Rocky and unleash his hatred towards him, so he definitely would never let this opportunity go.

After a short stalemate, Tate immediately looked at Geoffrey. He was looking for a sign of permission from the prince. He saw that Geoffrey was silent, completely deep in thought. Then finally, Geoffrey nodded his head ever so slightly.

With the prince's acquiescence, Tate instructed the three masters at the Supernal Stage beside him, "Attack!"

The four masters at the Supernal Stage, with Tate as the leader, immediately rushed up. They were aggressive in their movements to show to everyone that they would not back down.

"Chief Lucilla, you two sisters should immediately protect Mr. Rookie," one of the two masters at the medium grade of the Supernal Stage from Rocky's side immediately said to Lucilla. Then, he walked up with the other master to fight against the two masters at the Supernal Stage who were equally powerful as them.

On the other hand, Tate and the other master continued to rush towards Rocky. They were focused to reach Rocky to finally defeat him.

"Sister, we don't have much time. You need to decide. Which one do you choose?" Queenie asked as she pointed her fingers at Tate and the other master. In such an urgent and dangerous situation, adrenaline was pumping through her vei

will definitely have a bright future with us!" Alexander came straight to the point with his offer. Obviously, he wanted to recruit Rocky because he was a serious threat as an opponent. So, if he could recruit Rocky, it would be advantageous to his force. He thought it would be a pity to kill Rocky instantaneously and not use his power for his own benefit.

"If you want to attack me, then please go ahead!" Rocky arrogantly said with an evil smile.

"You're very brave and I commend you for that. But you must know that you're digging your own grave!" As soon as Alexander heard Rocky's words, his face darkened immediately. He suddenly gave off an aura of the Divine Stage. His aura alone was as strong as raging waves. It was as if it were powerful enough to cover the sky and the sun.

"Chief Alexander, please calm down! Don't you think it's too much of you to hurt a young man?! Let me play with you for a little bit..." Just as Alexander was about to attack Rocky, Lucas had arrived and attacked Alexander first with all his might.

However, just as Lucas made his move, another old man with the aura of the Divine Stage appeared out of nowhere. The old man immediately stopped Lucas's attempt to knock off Alexander.

"Master Lucas, I'm sorry to interrupt your attack. But you have to fight me instead." The old man was obviously well prepared for the fight. As soon as he launched his attack, he shot out a ball of lightning which was massive and extremely bright.

Lucas's expression changed ever so slightly, but he immediately raised his finger and a ray of light shot out. The next moment, it collided with the ball of lightning.

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