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   Chapter 948 Kind Of A Surprise

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Alyssa cast a cold glance at Rocky as if to say, "If you dare to say that again, I will kill you and let beasts and vultures feast on your corpse."

However, Rocky just smiled calmly and continued, "The Cao Clan is of great use to me and also to Prince Woods. Naturally, we can't let the Cao Clan fall into the hands of Prince Geoffrey. You must think the same way, right?"

"But there is no need for you to stand out. Have you forgotten who you are?" Although Alyssa knew that Rocky was right, she wasn't pleased about it, as it caused him to stand out and made things more troublesome and complicated.

"I didn't mean to stand out, you know. But everything happened so quickly that I had to act fast too. As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures," Rocky said helplessly. Of course, he didn't do those things just to complicate matters. If he could, he would have avoided getting people's attention, but he would rather expose himself rather than let someone be ganged up on and pushed to a corner.

"I did not expect that Prince Geoffrey will do something like this just to deal with the Cao Clan. His move is risky and quite unexpected. If you hadn't tried to gain more time in a hurry, I'm afraid he would have succeeded. In that case, if he lost the support of the Cao Clan, my brother would fall into a passive position. However, because things turned out this way, I would not be surprised if you will also be targeted by Prince Geoffrey and the Qi Clan. They might have planned to win you over before, but now, they probably want to de

gathered around. They were bustling all over the room and were going in and out with wooden buckets in their hands. When he entered, he saw a big steaming bathtub inside the room.

"I didn't say I want to take a bath, did I?" Rocky asked one of the maidservants.

"Chief Lucilla asked us to prepare this bath," the maid replied politely.

Hearing that, Rocky's eyes narrowed slightly in confusion, and as he entered the room, the maidservants left and closed the door.

He looked at the big bathtub filled half-way with warm steaming water that looked very inviting. Petals were sprinkled around the water, which gave it a pleasant and calming scent. Since it was already prepared, he did not want to waste it, and he didn't want Lucilla's effort to be wasted either, so he hurriedly removed his clothes and soaked in the warm water.

Rocky felt all his muscles soften as soon as he came into contact with the water's warmth, and he was soon lulled into total relaxation. He leaned against the bathtub and closed his eyes to rest.

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