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   Chapter 947 Jealousy

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7129

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For people in the Wild Spirit Land, Spiritual Weapons were more valuable than any other rare treasure. All spirit manipulators dreamed of having one. The weapons cast by humans could not withstand spirit manipulators' power, so human spirit manipulators could not use them. Only Spiritual Weapons could handle spirit manipulators' power and enable them to make use of their strength to a maximum level.

However, only the spiritual race could forge Spiritual Weapons. Try as they might, human spirit manipulators could never cast Spiritual Weapons, and there were only two ways for them to obtain it. One was to hunt them, and the other was to be bestowed by members of the spiritual race. However, members of the spiritual race almost never gave Spiritual Weapons to human spirit manipulators, and the chances of obtaining Spiritual Weapons through treasure hunting was beyond the bounds of possibility. As a result, it was unattainable for an ordinary spirit manipulator to get Spiritual Weapons.

Even in the entire Wild Spirit Land, very few spirit manipulators who had reached the Supernal Stage could possess Spiritual Weapons.

If faced with a choice between a treasure and a Spiritual Weapon, any spirit manipulator would choose a Spiritual Weapon. A treasure could only be used once, while the Spiritual Weapon could reinforce their power and boost their strength.

So when Alyssa presented Lucilla with a Spiritual Weapon just to help Rocky propose marriage, it stunned everyone that was present at the event. They all knew how priceless it was and her generosity astonished them.

Alyssa's proposal gift was given to express her support for Rocky. She may had given it to Lucilla, but it also showed that her relationship with him was extraordinary. Although, it could be because of Rocky's special friendship with Woods. Nevertheless, the gift was way too precious and extravagant.

At this moment, everyone's eyes were fixed on the Spiritual Weapon that Alyssa handed to Lucilla. Their eyes lit up and everyone was consumed with the desire to own one. Unfortunately, an opportunity to get their hands on the Spirit

ssed them to no end. They knew that Alyssa attached great importance to Rocky.

After hours of entertainment, the celebration ended, and the people left. Finally, it was just Rocky, Lucilla and other members of the Cao Can that were left inside the hall.

"Chief, you have to thank Mr. Rookie." Lucas walked towards Lucilla and reminded her.

Lucilla nodded, but when she turned to look for Rocky she saw that he had just walked out of the hall. She wanted to stop him, but hesitated. She knew that even if she ran after Rocky, she did not know what to say to him.

Rocky quickly disappeared after he left the Magnificent Hall. Soon, he was on top of a very tall building not far away from the Cao Mansion. A few steps away from him stood a delicate figure.

The silvery moon illuminated the delicate figure, revealing an exquisite beauty. Her face showed no emotion, but her aura emanated with queenly radiance and arrogance.

"Thank you for saving the Cao Clan today." In a flash, Rocky appeared beside the figure.

"I told you to keep a low profile. Why do you have to stand up for the Cao Clan? Or you just want to win the heart of Lucilla. She is a beauty. Now you have achieved your goal. She will soon belong to you," said Alyssa as she turned to face Rocky. Her face was red and showed bitterness.

"Your Royal Highness, are you jealous?" Rocky smiled to himself as he sensed jealousy from Alyssa.

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