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   Chapter 946 Just Like A Real Battle

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However, the proposal seemed to be more like a real battle now. Tate and Rocky had used every resource that they had to fight for the right to marry Lucilla, be it their skills, treasures, or connections. However, since Prince Geoffrey and Prince Woods had shown up, it was not just a proposal anymore, but a battle between the two princes and the clans that were backing them.

"Woods, no matter what, the only one who can match Chief Lucilla is Mr. Tate. This Mr. Rookie is just a beast master, and he is not even a citizen of our Timber Deity Empire. Why are you helping him?" Geoffrey sneered.

"Brother, can't you see that Chief Lucilla doesn't like Mr. Tate? I can't, in good conscience, force her to marry someone that she does not want to marry," Woods answered calmly.

"You are too naive, brother. Love and other feelings can be cultivated. It is more important to make sure that the two parties' backgrounds are well-matched. Moreover, it must be for the good of our Timber Deity Empire. I think the marriage between the Cao Clan and the Qi Clan is reasonable and necessary!" Geoffrey said with certainty. He was a little surprised that Woods would appear here and risk going against him, just because of an outsider, because Woods had been very low-key in gathering his power for the past few years. Woods had never fought against him directly, but now, he was openly opposing him. This seemed out of character for the brother that he knew.

"I think that is just your wishful thinking, brother." Woods knew that Geoffrey wanted to use the marriage between the two clans to control the Cao Clan through the Qi Clan. Of course, he didn't expect that Geoffrey would use the Qi Clan to deal with the Cao Clan so soon. It was very fortunate that Rocky supported him, or he would have lost the support of the Cao Clan.

"Woods, are you sure you want to interfere in this matter?" Geoffrey was starting to get angry. He could tell that Woods was declaring war on him openly, and his audacity was annoying him very much.

In that instant, the atmosphere in the hall shifted into a tightly coiled ball of tension. The tit-for-tat between the two princes was like a keg of gunpowder that could blow any minute, and the people inside broke out in cold sweat.

"It depends on which proposal Chief Lucilla will agree to, the one made by the Qi Clan or the one that Mr. Rookie made," Woods said coldly.

At this time, everyone's eyes immediately turne

vite Woods but also Princess Alyssa. The honor that he had brought was far greater than what she, the chief of the Cao Clan, deserved. Most importantly, with Alyssa's position in the Timber Deity Empire, this sentence was like an imperial edict. And since she said that she would propose a marriage for Rocky, who would dare to oppose this?

As soon as Alyssa's words fell from her lips, Geoffrey, Alexander, and Tate trembled in their place. They were filled with frustrated anger, but they could not say anything.

"I came here in a rush, so I didn't prepare any gift." In the face of everyone's surprise, Alyssa looked very calm as if her presence in that room was something normal. She turned to look at Lucilla.

"Your Highness, please don't say that. I'm already so flattered that you came here in person to help Rocky propose to me," Lucilla replied politely.

"I have a Spiritual Weapon made of a hundred-year-old Airy Silk, which I used in the past. Although it is only a low-grade Spiritual Weapon, I am sure that with Chief Lucilla's cultivation base, it will be easy for you to use. If you don't mind, just take it." At this moment, as soon as she finished speaking, Alyssa gathered her spiritual power, and at the same time, a silver light shone over all of them. A silk-shadow darted out from the Magic Spiritual Space. It swayed in the air softly and unsteadily, and its power and beauty took everyone's breath away. Finally, the Airy Silk fell into her hand, which she then handed to Lucilla.

The moment that the other people realized what had happened, the entire Magnificent Hall fell once again into an uproar.

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