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   Chapter 945 Who On Earth Was This Guy

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"Who said I was acting?" Of course, Lucilla wouldn't admit it, because if she admitted that she was acting, Tod would catch her lying and use that against her.

"Shame on you! You seduce men all over! The man named Rookie is not a good person. He only wants you because he wants to curry favor with our Cao Clan and use our power to his advantage. It is pathetic that you still fell into his trap," Tod spat at her. He looked at her with disdain, as if she was a grain of sand that had entered his eyes, which he wanted to wash away immediately. The earlier situation had been great for him, but to his dismay, that young man named Rookie had to come and destroy the Qi Clan's plans.

"Well, what's the situation now, Tod? You know clearly what you have said in public just now. Do you want me to repeat it to Elder Xia?" Seeing that Tod was still making trouble, Lucas immediately looked at him with sharp eyes.

His threat melted Tod's fighting spirit and he shut up in an instant, backing off obediently.

"Regardless of what caused this matter, the most important thing right now is to protect the Cao Clan. What do you think?" Elder Xia said as he stroked his beard.

"I think we'd better agree to the Qi Clan's proposal first. Since Prince Geoffrey is willing to propose a marriage for the Qi Clan in person, it means that the Qi Clan has already sided with him. If we refuse Prince Geoffrey, it would look like we are going against him, and with the current power of the Qi Clan, they could easily take action against us. We will definitely suffer losses," Tod said immediately. The truth was he also hoped that Lucilla could marry into the Qi Clan so that he would have an excuse to force her to hand over her position to him.

"No! Once we agree to the Qi Clan's proposal, our clan will be undoubtedly be controlled by Prince Geoffrey and the Qi Clan." Lucas's face darkened at Tod's suggestion.

"Then what can you do to help us out, Master Lucas?" Tod asked with a sinister smile.

Hearing this, Lucas frowned. He also knew that if they refused Geoffrey, there would be serious consequences.

"It seems that we have to send for Prince Woods. Only he has the strength to fight against Prince Geoffrey in the Timber Deity Empire..." Lucilla suggested after thinking for a while.

"I'm afraid that Prince Woods would not dare to confront Prince Geoffrey face to face. Everybody knows that Prince Geoffrey is the most popular candidate of the emperor. If it weren't for Princess Alyssa, Prince Woods wouldn't have had the chance to com

denly appeared at the critical moment, and the one who had come in with him turned out to be Rocky.

"Lucilla, since the Qi Clan invited Prince Geoffrey to propose for them, I took the opportunity to invite Prince Woods over. He will propose for me, and this way, you need not be ashamed to pick me," Rocky said to Lucilla, raising his eyebrows.

"Mr. Rookie..." Lucilla was surprised at first, but then she was delighted. She didn't expect that Rocky would invite Woods here at this critical moment.

Meanwhile, Lucas breathed a sigh of relief and could not help the wide smile that pulled at the corners of his lips.

Geoffrey didn't expect that his brother, Woods, would come, and he was even more surprised that it was Rocky who invited him and not the Cao Clan. A displeased expression flashed across his face, but it disappeared quickly and he said calmly, "I didn't expect that my dear brother would also come to join the fun..."

"You are here too, aren't you? I can't believe you agreed to be the matchmaker for the Qi Clan. What a surprise!" Woods smiled at his brother, but apart from that, no other emotion could be seen on his face.

When the two men's eyes met, sparks flew in all directions, and the atmosphere in the Magnificent Hall suddenly became more intense.

In everyone's eyes, after the previous proposal contest, Rocky and the Qi Clan respectively invited the two most qualified princes of the Timber Deity Empire to back them up. They had never seen such a scene before!

However, what surprised everyone the most was Rocky, and they could not help but wonder what kind of man was he that he could easily invite Prince Woods just to come here to propose for him.

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