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   Chapter 944 Acting With Rookie

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However, Geoffrey was now the leading competitor for the emperor's heir. And if he succeeded and became the emperor's heir, the Qi Clan would certainly get his support and protection. If the Qi Clan gained the upper hand, the Cao Clan would most definitely lose.

Therefore, Lucilla only had two paths in front of her. One was to unite with the Qi Clan by marriage, and by doing that, she would be on the same side as Geoffrey. With the support of the Qi Clan and the Cao Clan, Geoffrey would certainly win the throne. The other path that she could take was to draw a clear line with Prince Geoffrey and the Qi Clan. If she announced in public that the Cao Clan would support Woods, they would be putting the future of the Cao Clan on him. Undoubtedly, Prince Geoffrey would consider them his enemies from that moment on.

"I feel so nervous that Your Royal Highness has personally proposed marriage for the Qi Clan, but I can't force myself to do so. I don't have any feelings for Mr. Tate, and there is already someone else in my heart," Lucilla said politely to Prince Geoffrey. She was now in a dilemma, especially in this case. She couldn't refuse Geoffrey directly, or that might cause disaster to the Cao Clan. If she had known earlier that this would happen, she would have agreed to Rocky's proposal then and there. At least, that way, Geoffrey would have no excuse to force her.

"The one in Chief Lucilla's heart... Could this be Mr. Rookie?" Geoffrey smiled and glanced at Rocky.

"Yes, and he just proposed to me." Hearing this, Lucilla nodded noncommittally. At this point, she knew that she she was only delaying but the end was unavoidable.

"Mr. Rookie is indeed a rare talent, but don't forget, as the chief of the Cao Clan, you have to consider the interests and future of the Cao Clan. If the Cao Clan and the Qi Clan unite by marriage, it will be a good thing for the Cao Clan and the Timber Deity Empire. Moreover, I can guarantee that one day, the Cao Clan may get a better position than the present one. I believe that you will never regret today's decision as long as you choose to stand by me." Geoffrey's last words were undoubtedly a hint to Lucilla. If he got the throne, the Cao Clan, which was allied by marriage with the Qi Clan, would also benefit from him.

The other people who overheard also understood the meaning of Geof

ge. Among them, the oldest one was Elder Xia, who had also reached the Divine Stage, and he could be regarded as the founding member of the Cao Clan. However, because of his old age, he had been living in seclusion since the accident of the former chief of the Cao Clan, Lucilla's father. Despite his life in isolation, his influence in the Cao Clan was no less than that of Lucas, and he had great sway in most of their decisions. That was why when Tod and Freddy suggested inviting the elders to come, Lucilla was a little worried. That was because if Elder Xia said something, it was very likely that she would have to hand over her position as the chief.

"Chief, in this situation, if we don't give Prince Geoffrey a reply tonight, I'm afraid the Cao Clan will be in danger," Elder Xia said in a hoarse voice after he had been briefed about the whole affair.

"Maybe that is true," Lucilla said noncommittally.

"It's all because the young master of the Qi Clan and you, chief, have been having an amorous relationship. It's your fault that the Qi Clan has something to take advantage of..." Tod cut in immediately.

Hearing this, Elder Xia immediately looked at Lucilla, and the other elders also looked at her.

"Elder Xia, it's a conspiracy of the Qi Clan. Besides, I already have someone I love. Why should I have an affair with Tate?" Hearing this, Lucilla glared at Tod and explained immediately.

"Everyone knows that you were just acting with that Rookie-person!" Of course, Tod didn't believe that Lucilla was truly romantically involved with Rocky.

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