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   Chapter 943 The Marriage Between Two Clans

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7174

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Although Alexander took out a low-grade Three-color Ganoderma, it was not more valuable than a living larva of Dark Heaven Insect. They were not even at the same level.

Rocky's generosity made Alexander's face turn ghastly pale. And compared to his earlier proud attitude, he was now as quiet as a lamb. At that moment, he could not send anything that could be better than a living larva of the Dark Heaven Insect.

Alexander stared at Rocky with a grim face. Geoffrey had previously told him to secretly draw Rocky over to their side before he dealt with the Cao Clan, but when they found that Rocky was very close to Woods, they chose to forget Rocky for the time being and carry out this plan to force the Cao Clan to unite with them through marriage first. However, they did not expect that Rocky would get in the way of their plans. From the very beginning, Rocky was like the Qi Clan's nemesis, as he continuously ruined every plan that they had carefully arranged.

Meanwhile, Tate was also staring at Rocky with a murderous expression. He knew that the Qi Clan had been completely overshadowed by Rocky and that Rocky had already won Lucilla's favor. Of the two, the latter was the one that made him unbearably furious.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have to go and talk with Mr. Rookie privately. Master Lucas will entertain you in my place. Please forgive me!" After handing the larva in her arms to Queenie, Lucilla turned around and scanned the crowd, throwing Tate a passing glance. It pleased her beyond measure to see the hatred in his eyes, as she felt that he deserved the humiliation. She hated Tate since the day that he broke off their engagement, and she felt vindicated and overjoyed, for today she was able to pay him back.

After hearing Lucilla's words, the crowd looked at each other and discussed heatedly. The wonderful farce finally came to an end. What happened here was really exciting to them. Of course, the most important thing was that they had a new understanding of the mysterious Mr. Rookie of the Cao Clan. They learned that Mr. Rookie not only had the strength of a powerful beast master, but he could also

as recruited by Woods, the Cao Clan would certainly side with Woods when the time came for it. Therefore, it was impossible to win over Rocky, so he could only deal with the Cao Clan directly.

Geoffrey had expected that the Qi Clan's plan would succeed, as they thought that if they pushed the Cao Clan into a corner, he could easily swoop in afterward and take action to control them. He didn't expect that the Qi Clan would fail, so he had to come in person this time.

"Isn't today the birthday of Chief Lucilla? Why doesn't it look lively at all? What happened?" Geoffrey looked around innocently, as he inquired with a smile.

"Your Royal Highness, the truth is that my son just proposed to Chief Lucilla." Alexander seized the opportunity to tell Geoffrey what had happened.

"Oh, really? A marriage between the two big clans will be wonderful for our Timber Deity Empire. If what he said is true, I, the second prince of the Timber Deity Empire, am willing to help the Qi Clan propose to you. I wonder if you will accept it, Chief Lucilla?" Geoffrey's remarks caused another uproar in the hall. No one had expected that Geoffrey would propose a marriage for the Qi Clan in person. It was obvious that he wanted Lucilla to reconsider the proposal.

At this time, Lucilla frowned. She didn't expect that Geoffrey would meddle in this matter. It was obvious now to everyone that Geoffrey was siding with the Qi Clan.

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