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   Chapter 942 Dark Heaven Insect

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"Chief Alexander, no matter what you offer, I won't accept Tate's proposal or let go of the fact that your clan slandered me. However, we're all here today to celebrate my birthday, so I don't want to ruin it. I hope you won't cause any more trouble either. As for Mr. Rookie's proposal, I will have to think about it. Although I love him, I have a lot of responsibilities as the chief of the Cao Clan, so it's not the right time for me to get married. Of course, I know he'll understand that," Lucilla said, turning to Rocky with an affectionate look in her eyes.

Her words came as a surprise to everyone, but they made sense. If Lucilla accepted Rocky's proposal now, it would undoubtedly embarrass the Qi Clan and end up escalating the conflict between the two clans.

"Wow, you're so good at making excuses. To me, it looks like you're just protecting Mr. Rookie because you're afraid that he'll be humiliated if he can't take out a treasure that's better than this Three-color Ganoderma. These three middle-grade Dark Heaven Eggs were probably just given to him by your clan in advance," Alexander said suspiciously, trying to embarrass Rocky and the Cao Clan. He wouldn't give up so easily. But at this point, the only thing he could do was to boast about the Qi Clan. He couldn't risk slandering the Cao Clan any further.

"Lucilla, since Chief Alexander and his son send you valuable gifts like these and even think so lowly of me, it seems that I have to prove my sincerity." Seeing that Alexander did not plan to back down, Rocky decided to put him in his place by showing something more precious than the Three-color Ganoderma. He knew that he would cause a great uproar if he brought it out now, but since he had already began helping Lucilla, he wanted to do the job properly. Moreover, the Cao Clan was of great use to him, so he could not let them be humiliated like this.

Of course, everyone present was confused after hearing Rocky's words. They didn't understand what he meant.

Smiling lightly, Rocky continued, "I've specially prepared a birthday gift for yo

the eyes of everyone present, a larva was actually more precious than a mature Dark Heaven Insect. It was extremely difficult to tame and keep an adult Dark Heaven Insect, and its death rate was very high. In contrast, the larva was young and could be raised by a spirit manipulator, which could improve its survival rate.

Lucilla immediately took the larva from Rocky's hands, smiling cheerfully as if she had just received a big soft toy from him. "It's so cute!"

"This is the first time I've seen a larva of the Dark Heaven Insect. I can't believe it's so small," Queenie remarked with her eyes wide open. Although she had seen many spirit-manipulated beasts, including the Dark Heaven Insect, this was the first time she had seen a larva of the Dark Heaven Insect.

All of the guests, especially the chiefs of the big clans, looked at the gift in Lucilla's hands with envious eyes. If they could raise such a larva, they would have countless Dark Heaven Eggs. And once the Dark Heaven Insect reached the advanced stage, it would lay high grade Dark Heaven Eggs, which were even more precious!

"Mr. Rookie is actually able to raise a Dark Heaven Insect!" Lucas commented, shaking his head in awe.

However, if all the people present found out that there were actually two Dark Heaven Insects and a few larvae in Rocky's Magic Spiritual Space, they would be scared to death!

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