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   Chapter 941 The Three-color Ganoderma

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"Mr. Rookie, I didn't expect you to be so prepared for this. But I hope you can take out some decent engagement presents. You will make a fool of yourself if you don't!" Alexander ridiculed. At that moment, he wanted Rocky to take the hint that if his gifts were nothing but ordinary, then it would be better for him not to take them out than be ridiculed by people.

Meanwhile, Tate had just calmed down when he gloomily said, "You could have at least offered something on par with me. Do you really think you are that qualified to take Lucilla's hand in marriage with your gifts? I doubt that. Even if Lucilla finally agrees to marry you, I will never admit defeat. I know that I can offer her better than what you are offering her."

"Mr. Tate, this is my private affair. And I believe that this has nothing to do with you. Why should I care if you approve or not..." Lucilla smiled indifferently. Now, she finally had the chance to fight back and make them feel her wrath. In fact, Tate even twisted the facts and implied that she was a slut. If it weren't for Rocky appearing in just the right time and taking a hands-on approach to clear up the misunderstanding, then she would still be in a dilemma up until now. And if that happened, then she would be coerced by her elder uncles, Tod and Freddy, to resign from her position as the chief of the Cao Clan.

"Lucilla, do you want to give it a try? If I can't get you, then surely, no one else can." At that moment, Tate's eyes narrowed and looked like the possessive man that he was.

On the other hand, everyone who was there was satisfied to see this act of jealousy. It was surprising enough that two of the strongest clans of the Timber Deity Empire would fight this way, but what was even more unexpected was Rocky's presence.

However, Rocky smiled calmly and turned to ask, "So what did Mr. Tate prepare for this proposal? What did you get for Lucilla?"

Hearing this, Tate immediately winked at the three servants who stood beside him. Soon after, the presents were shown to the people.

"Wow, Mr. Tate, you are so generous. You even sent out the Dark Heaven Egg with the medium quality," Rocky said in surprise as he glanced at the gifts in awe.

"Humph!" Tate heard what Rocky had said and thought that Rocky must feel so uncomfortable now that he knew how big Tate's gifts were. After all, although Rocky was, without a doubt, a strong beast master and a

at could produce rare treasures. However, the star level of the Three-color Spiritual Turtle could reach level five, so the treasures they were able to produce were naturally better than the Dark Heaven Eggs produced by the Dark Heaven Insect. In fact, a low-grade Three-color Ganoderma was comparable with a high-grade Dark Heaven Egg.

Therefore, Tate had paid a fortune to get and offer the low-grade Three-color Ganoderma for his proposal. After all, a low-grade Three-color Ganoderma was a rare treasure for spirit manipulators above the Supernal Stage. Moreover, the chance of obtaining a Three-color Ganoderma was less than that of getting a high-grade Dark Heaven Egg. Therefore, everyone's attention was taken away from Rocky's eggs as soon as they had a glimpse of this very rare Three-color Ganoderma.

But of course, the reason why Tate was able to show his ace card was to keep up with the audience's favor and attention. Needless to say, he couldn't let a nobody, such as Rocky, suppress the Qi Clan.

Meanwhile, after seeing Tate pull out the impressive Three-color Ganoderma, Lucilla still couldn't help but have her eyes fixed on Rocky. However, at that point, she seemed to have already made up her mind. Even though she would never agree to the Qi Clan's proposal, she also knew that she would not agree to Rocky's, because she knew that Rocky was only helping her, and not sincere in marrying her. If she agreed, then it would give Rocky a dilemma. Therefore, it was not a bad thing that Tate had taken out such an impressive present. In this way, Lucilla had an excuse to turn both of them down.

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