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   Chapter 938 The Unexpected Kiss

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Of course, it was just an illusion that Tate did on purpose. It was because he wanted to ruin Lucilla's reputation by any means necessary. Now, in his mind, to protect the Cao Clan, she would be forced to agree to his proposal, and at last, the two clans would be united through their marriage.

Of course, the Qi Clan had done this to help Geoffrey deal with the Cao Clan, who could cause trouble to him if they chose to support Woods. Also, Tate had done it because this was his long-cherished wish for many years, and that was to have Lucilla as his bride.

The Qi Clan's plan aimed to kill two birds with one stone, and they had caught the Cao Clan off guard, because they never imagined that the Qi Clan would be willing to sacrifice their reputation just to drag Lucilla down.

But for the Qi Clan, they viewed it as a worthy sacrifice, for they were willing to let go of their reputation as long as their plan succeeded. Once the two clans were united by marriage, the Qi Clan would take advantage of the situation and they would reign supreme with their combined power. By that time, even if the Cao Clan wanted to support Woods, they would be restrained and unable to do anything.

Lucilla was shocked when she heard Tate's words because she never thought that he would divorce his wife because of her. In the back of her mind, she was sure that it was just an excuse, and what he really wanted to do was drag her through the mud. From the current situation, it was obvious that Tate had succeeded.

Lucas's face contorted in anger and frustration. He was caught off guard by the Qi Clan's cruel plot, and he hated that he could do nothing to help Lucilla. The most troublesome thing about the whole mess was that Tate had divorced his wife because of Lucilla. In the end, the one who would become the target of public criticism was not Tate, but Lucilla.

"Chief Lucilla, Tate loves you so much that even I can't stop him. However, he doesn't have any feelings for his wife. He still loves you so much despite all the years that have passed, so I took the liberty to come here with him. I hope you can agree to the marriage so that the Qi Clan and the Cao Clan can also take this opportunity to unite again and fulfill your father's wish many years ago." Seeing that the opportunity was mature, Alexander immediately put forward his suggestion. It was supposed to be a scandal, but it was turned into a good thing after his few words. The old saying that "the elders turn out to be wiser" was proven right in this instance.


as he shouted at Tod and Freddy.

"Master Lucas, you are wrong. Tate loved Chief Lucilla very much. Otherwise, how could he divorce his wife? And am I the kind of person who shows off the scandal of my own family?" Alexander said innocently.

"You don't have to say anything more. My dear niece, if you want to prove your innocence, you have to resign as the chief of our clan today. If this matter spreads out, our Cao clan will be dragged through the mud together with you," Tod said without hesitation.

"No way!" Lucilla glared darkly at her opportunistic scum of an uncle.

"If you insist on this, then I will have no choice but to invite some elders here," Tod added immediately.

She could only remain silent with gritted teeth because she knew that if Tod invited all the elders out, they would probably make her resign before they clarified the issue. But if that happened, Tod and Freddy would take advantage of the opportunity to seize power, and then the Cao Can would never have a peaceful day!

The same things were running through Lucas's mind, but he couldn't think of any solution for the time being.

"Lucilla, if you agree to my proposal, everything will be easier for you," Tate insisted once again because he knew that she was not willing to hand over the chief position. Therefore, if she wanted to keep her position as the chief, she must agree to his proposal, and his ultimate goal would be achieved.

But to everyone's surprise, a figure suddenly jumped out of the shadows and landed by Lucilla's side. Then, under the watchful eyes of the public, he lifted Lucilla's chin lightly with his finger, pulled her closer, and pressed his lips against hers...

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