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   Chapter 937 Surpass Everything

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At their age, Lucilla and Tate had already possessed a strength that many spirit manipulators dreamed of and spent their whole time working for. It was because their powerful families had enough financial resources and material resources to collect rare treasures. They used the wealth of their families to obtain the rarest of treasures, and with these treasures, they rapidly increased their strength.

Therefore, if one was to put aside the first two treasures and look at the third treasure alone, which was a middle-grade Dark Heaven Egg, it was still grand enough to attract the attention of almost everyone in the hall.

In sharp contrast to what everyone was feeling, Lucilla beheld the gifts with distaste, and the fact that Tate had gifted her with a middle-grade Dark Heaven Egg gave her a bad feeling. She believed that the Qi Clan must be up to something. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so generous as to give her a middle-grade Dark Heaven Egg, which could be seen as the most precious gift among all the gifts.

Lucilla immediately looked sideways at Lucas, but when she saw him shake his head in disapproval, she immediately replied with a smile, "These three treasures are too expensive. I am afraid that I can't accept them."

"Please take them, Chief Lucilla. The Qi Clan has many treasures like these. The Cao Clan is the largest clan in the Timber Deity Empire, so I was actually worried that you wouldn't take these unimportant treasures seriously," Alexander replied with a smarmy smile. His words painted him as a rich fellow, and it was obvious that he was doing this not to be generous, but to show off in front of the other guests. Although he said they were unimportant treasures, the three treasures he was giving were invaluable, especially for spirit manipulators.

"I believe in the saying that nothing is gained without merits. Even though they are unimportant treasures to you, they are more precious than the gifts sent by the others. If I take them, I'm afraid I can't live with it," Lucilla steadfastly refused.

Alexander's face darkened with malice, as he winked at Tate secretly.

"Lucilla, I am giving these three treasures to you from my own pocket. These have nothing to do with the Qi Clan

eave it to your sister," Lucas muttered quietly beside them.

Queenie pouted but quieted down, but not before glaring at Tate heatedly like she wanted to cut him into a million tiny pieces.

'Does the Qi Clan want to fight with our Cao Clan like Kilkenny cats?' Lucilla thought resentfully. She didn't expect that the Qi Clan would come up with such a dirty trick to tarnish her reputation. And she was worried that the consequences of this simple trick would be unimaginable.

Sure enough, when she looked around, she felt like everyone was looking at her with a strange gleam in their eyes. Every time they whispered among themselves, it felt like they were talking about her. Obviously, they had believed Tate's lies. From their point of view, Tate would not joke about something like this, as it would also tarnish the reputation of the Qi Clan. As a man, if he truly loved a woman, it was reasonable for him to announce it. Therefore, his statement made them think that Lucilla was, indeed, a home wrecker.

"You are married. Please pay attention to your own reputation!" Seeing that Tate had misled the people, Lucas grew very angry.

"Yesterday, I divorced my wife for Lucilla. Today, I come here not only to express my love for her but also to ask Lucilla for her hand." At once, the whispers that had begun to quiet down exploded into an uproar once again.

Everyone was shocked, and Tate's courage made them feel that his love for Lucilla would truly surpass everything.

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