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   Chapter 936 Every Gift Was Amazing

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7305

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When the people inside the Magnificent Hall heard the commotion, they all looked outside and saw Alexander, who was wearing black clothes made from pure silk with gold trimmings. He looked stately and full of authority. Tate was also there, in a blue and white robe, which made him look extraordinarily handsome. The father and son duo were walking side by side, as their momentum surged around them. Behind them were several spirit manipulators of the Heavenly Stage, and three of them were holding a box in their hands.

Lucilla was surprised to see the father and the son from the Qi Clan. Although she had sent an invitation card to the Qi Clan, she only did so as part of good etiquette and conduct, as she did not believe that the Qi Clan would come to the banquet. After all, their loss from the Cao Clan was very fresh, so their pride must still be sore and aching. If they showed up, they would, undoubtedly, be the topic of most discussions, even within their hearing. With Alexander's personality, he could not tolerate being around for that.

But unexpectedly, both the father and the son of the Qi Clan came.

As soon as the crowd saw the two, there was an uproar in the hall, as a flurry of whispers and exclamations floated from the other guests. They were surprised to see the two members of the Qi Clan appear in the Cao Mansion, so they speculated that the purpose of the two's arrival would be something complicated but interesting.

"They don't come with good intentions." Lucas walked to Lucilla and whispered discreetly in her ear.

Of course, she knew what he meant, but she still walked up to them gracefully and said to the two politely, "Thanks for coming, Chief Alexander and Tate. This is an honor for the Cao Clan!"

"You're welcome, Chief Lucilla. You are celebrating your birthday today, and your father and I have been friends for decades. Besides, I've always thought of you as my niece, so how can we not come?" Alexander immediately replied as an elder.

When Tate saw Lucilla, he looked at her expectantly, as if he was waiting for her to meet his gaze, but she completely ignored him. She did not even glance in his direction.

"I'm only a

absorb spiritual power in it directly and take it as his own spiritual power. Therefore, the better the treasure was, the more spiritual power one could absorb. For example, the low-grade Dark Heaven Egg was only one grade lower than the middle-grade Dark Heaven Egg, but the spiritual power one could absorb from the two would be totally different.

For spirit manipulators above the Heavenly Stage, if they improved their spiritual power and strength through the normal method of cultivation, they would improve at a glacial pace. And if their talent was mediocre, it would be even more difficult for them to improve their spiritual power and strength. It was already very hard for spirit manipulators of the Heavenly Stage to improve spiritual power and strength, let alone the spirit manipulators of the Supernal Stage. Therefore, if one could get the rare treasure, it could save him a lot of time and energy. For the spirit manipulators above the Heavenly Stage, the middle-grade Dark Heaven Egg was equal to more than half a year of ordinary cultivation, while for very talented spirit manipulators, especially those with the power of the spiritual race, it was even more helpful.

It was a pity that rare treasures were not easy to find, especially the high-level ones. Because of this, a treasure like the middle-grade Dark Heaven Egg would be enough to make spirit manipulators of the Heavenly Stage or even the Supernal Stage scramble for it.

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