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   Chapter 935 Birthday Banquet

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Rocky immediately left the Cao Clan for the ancient temple in the capital's suburb. Not long after, he arrived at the ancient temple that had been turned into ruins because of the Moon Fox unleashing its eminent power there.

Flying to the ruins, Rocky immediately raised his palm. The Evil Flame shone brightly, creating a sizeable hole in the center of the ruins. He then summoned a Dark Heaven Insect. After it dug a few meters deep into the ground, he found the spiritual cave where the spiritual power gathered and then buried the crystal rudiment inside.

Once done, Rocky returned to the Cao Clan to continue his genetic research. The two larvae from the Dark Heaven Insect he'd been using for genetic experiments had begun its physiological change. His first discovery was that the speed of their growth had obviously increased. In just a few days, they had had a growth spurt, and they behaved differently from other larvae. In other words, the genetic modification had worked.

However, Rocky could not predict what the end result would be.

Three days passed quickly and Rocky spent them in peace. Though, Alyssa had arrived on the second day to help him merge the seal and left. Strangely, she hadn't stayed to practice together. Of course, that made him a little confused, but the less trouble the better. In any case, once the appointed time arrived, he would return to the Holy Dragon Empire.

However, without his practice sessions with Alyssa, bonding the evil spiritual power in the third grade had slowed down immensely. Rocky was on the verge of breaking through to the Supernal Stage.

The Supernal Stage was a very important stage for a spirit manipulator. Many were forced to stop there because they couldn't overcome it and reach the Supernal Stage. Therefore, he'd need to prove he was better than that.

Night fell with stars scattered across the sky like diamonds.

At this moment, the entire Cao Clan was brightly lit and lively, with guests wanderin

simple and elegant dress she usually wore. She now wore a bright red robe like a peony flower. It set off her curvy figure, showing her striking beautiful side. Her petite face spattered with little makeup; purple eyes and red lips full of temptation. No one could look away.

With such a beautiful face, Lucilla immediately attracted the attention of the men enamored with her. They were all practically drooling in an entranced daze.

However, another stunning figure like a blooming lily followed closely behind Lucilla. Her delicate features, bright eyes, and perfect teeth held a subtle note of arrogance but still could not hide the young girl's innocence. At first glance, she was like a fairy falling into the mortal world, pure yet seductive.

Glancing around the crowd, the figure snorted coldly as she walked straight towards Lucas. In the Cao Clan, only Queenie dared to behave like this in front of so many important guests.

"I'm sorry that I didn't greet you all earlier!" Lucilla walked to the front of the Magnificent Hall and said politely. Then she sat down and began to accept the congratulations and salutes from everyone present.

"Both the Qi Clan's chief and young master are here." Just as everyone scrambled to congratulate and present gifts to Lucilla, a shout suddenly came from outside.

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