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   Chapter 932 Lost In Infatuation

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Updated: 2020-06-24 00:12

Meanwhile, Rocky could not help but shake his head and smile upon seeing Laney's odd reaction. But since he had done something awful to her, he could not blame Laney if she wanted to say such words in front of him.

However, to Rocky's surprise, Laney leapt into his arms right at the next moment.

"Hey, Laney, what are you..." Rocky was not able to finish his words as he got shocked by Laney's surprising movements. Certainly, Rocky was not expecting this to happen. Perhaps Rocky was expecting that she would take out a knife and slash his throat instead. However, Laney did not do that. In fact, the total opposite just happened as Laney rushed over into his arms, making Rocky even more confused than he already was.

"Shh...Keep your mouth shut." Laney pouted her lips and raised her eyebrows. Her lips suddenly became pink as she bit them while thinking of the hatred she felt for Rocky.

As a matter of fact, Laney wasn't a threat to Rocky. After all, Laney wasn't a spirit manipulator. Even though she worked for Alyssa, Rocky had used some sneaky

untarily sinking in the soft and tender arms of this man. At that moment, she knew that she couldn't lose herself just because of this man. Most especially when she was working for Alyssa. To her, this man had been Alyssa's enemy and was nothing but a dangerous person. Thinking of this, Laney knew that if she fell in love with him, she would be trapped in his spell and it would be almost impossible to get rid of him in her life.

To Rocky's surprise, he didn't expect that Laney had such a strong willpower that she could recover from her infatuation toward him in a snap. But soon after, his worries went away as he came up with another idea. After all, he believed that women always favored bad men.

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