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   Chapter 931 I Hate You

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"I've received information that Geoffrey has joined hands with the Qi Clan. He has also sent someone to secretly investigate your identity. Apart from us, no one in the Timber Deity Empire knows your real identity, but with Geoffrey's resources, it's just a matter of time before they find out!" Alyssa said, throwing a meaningful glance at Rocky.

Laney frowned and bit her lip. "Your Royal Highness, if people find out that Mr. Rocky is actually Prince Basil, it will be a bad thing for you and Prince Woods. The other princes will use this information to turn people against the both of you!"

"Exactly." Alyssa nodded.

Laney turned to Rocky with a confused expression and asked, "But Mr. Rocky, how are you still alive? And why have you come to the Timber Deity Empire?"

"Oh, it's a long story," replied Rocky.

"According to the current situation, I think we should send you away from the Timber Deity Empire as soon as possible," Laney suggested after giving it some thought.

"I agree. Since Geoffrey has begun to investigate your identity, we have to send you away just in case. How about you go back to the Holy Dragon Empire?" Woods said to Rocky. Although he wished that Rocky could stay here and help him, it was not advisable in the current situation. If Rocky's true identity came to light, it would only complicate matters. In particular, it would have a big impact on his fight for the throne.

"No, he can't leave the Timber Deity Empire yet," Alyssa said firmly, shaking her head. She couldn't let Rocky leave before she made a decision. Since she already had a month's agreement with him, she would not let go of him so easily.

Both Woods and Laney were puzzled to hear this and waited for Alyssa to explain. When she stayed silent, however, they realized that Alyssa had a secret that she didn't want to talk about. Whatever it was, if Rocky was to continue staying in the Timber Deity Empire, they would have to come up with an idea to conceal his identity.


one will suspect you, Your Royal Highness, or Prince Woods," Laney said slowly.

Impressed by this idea, Woods chuckled and nodded. "That's a good idea. No one will be able to separate the truth from the lie."

"All right, we'll do that. If you get any information about him or his spies, just let me know as soon as possible," Alyssa said to Laney.

"Yes, Your Royal Highness." Laney bowed her head.

"Then I'll leave first." Alyssa stood up, took a glance at Rocky, and then walked away.

"Then we'll leave too?" Woods asked Rocky now that Alyssa had left. But before Rocky could reply, Laney suddenly opened her mouth. "Your Royal Highness, I have something to tell Mr. Rocky. Can you let him stay for a while?"

Upon hearing that, Woods turned to Rocky to see his reaction. Since Rocky didn't object, Woods nodded. "All right, I'll leave now. I'll see you at the Cao Clan's mansion soon." Then, he turned around and left.

Now, only Rocky and Laney remained in the room.

"What do you want to tell me?" Rocky asked as soon as Woods was out of sight.

Laney suddenly stood up, walked to the door, and locked it. Then, she turned around with reddened eyes.

"What happened? Did I do something wrong?" Rocky asked, feeling perplexed by the sudden change in her behavior.

"I hate you!" Laney suddenly spat out.

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