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   Chapter 928 Fight Outside

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7293

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As a candidate for emperor of the Timber Deity Empire, Woods naturally knew the powers possessed by the several princes and the powerful spirit manipulators they had recruited. He knew the information about warriors at the Supernal Stage very well.

As soon as he heard a warrior's name, he could summon to his mind any information about the warrior.

That was why as soon as he heard this name, he immediately knew that this person who had appeared in front of him was one of the warriors at the Supernal Stage who worked for Algy. His strength had reached the second grade of the Supernal Stage, and he was also known as the Heavenly Wolf. He was known to be the strongest killer in the Timber Deity Empire before Algy had recruited him.

'According to the information I've got, Harold is always around Algy, like he was Algy's shadow. Well, I can say now, it's true! He really is like Algy's shadow...' Woods thought to himself. He knew that Algy summoned Harold to deal with Rocky, and worry began to course through him at this turn of events. He didn't know the extent of Rocky's strength, but he knew that Harold was a powerful warrior. What's more, Harold was a killer. It was said that he once successfully assassinated a big shot from another country, even though the big shot was under the protection of numerous masters.

"Your Royal Highness, what can I do for you?" Harold asked indifferently as he bowed, and at that moment, he looked more like a robot killer rather than a person. He was wearing a black suit, and a long and thin scar covered his left cheek, which made him look like a scar-faced monster.

"I want him dead!" Algy ordered viciously, pointing a shaky hand at Rocky, who was under the siege of a few masters of the Heavenly Stage.

"Algy, aren't you making a mountain out of a molehill?" Woods said in a cold tone when he heard that Algy asked Harold to kill Rocky.

"My brother, I advise you not to meddle. Otherwise, don't blame me for whatever I'll do despite our brotherhood. For your sake, I will let him die with his body in one piece," Algy replied with a sinister smile on his face.

Upon hearing that, Woods' face lit up with anger.

n the air. Suddenly, an Evil Flame flew out.


At the place where the Evil Flame exploded, a black shadow flashed, and at the same time, a pair of one-foot long crooked arm blades attached to the back of the figure's palms appeared.

"Split!" The blades cut through the Evil Flame like butter, and in a flash, the spiritual power turned into numerous soul cutting sickles. Shadows of sickles dazzled the spectators' eyes, and in an instant, Rocky was engulfed by the strong spiritual power of the Supernal Stage.

Despite the attack's overwhelming power, Rocky stood tall. He did not seem to be affected at all.

"Ha-ha! Go to hell, you brat!" Algy laughed out triumphantly as soon as he saw what Harold had done, as he thought that Rocky was frozen in fear.

Meanwhile, Woods turned pale, as sweat poured out of him profusely.

Laney also looked worried even though she should be the first to wish for Rocky's death. With what he had done to her, she should be happy with what was happening. Besides, she even tried to kill him in the past. However, all these resentments had already vanished after she learned that Rocky was dead. The moment that she heard about his death, she realized that hate was not the only thing she was feeling for Rocky. Deep inside, a warm pulse throbbed for him, something that she had been trying to ignore in vain. And when she saw Rocky once again, this feeling surged out from the bottom of her heart.

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