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   Chapter 927 The Legendary Heavenly Wolf

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"Re— Really?" When Laney felt the warmth from Rocky's face, she was sure that she was not mistaken. The man who should have been dead was now standing in front of her.

The audience's curiosity was suddenly piqued by her sudden movements, as if she was seducing Rocky on her own volition. However, they also knew that she would never take men seriously. She could seduce anyone that she wanted to, but if any man dared to touch her, they would come to no good end. So, this sudden provocative and comely behavior struck them by surprise, and they began to speculate if she had any dubious relationship with Rocky.

When Algy saw this, he became even more furious. He clenched his fist and viciously glared at Rocky and Laney who were flirting. He hated Rocky to the core and wished he could cut him into pieces.

"Miss Laney, long time no see! How are you?" Rocky greeted her with a warm smile.

"Why are you still..." Laney was puzzled and just couldn't figure out how Rocky managed to survive. She turned to Algy after a moment of hesitation and said, "I'm sorry, Your Royal Highness, but I'm afraid I can't accompany you tonight. Maybe we can reschedule this for another day?"

"Another day? How dare you demand that? Is it because of him? Guards, drag him out!" Algy finally couldn't bear it and ordered furiously, as his eyes sharpened to an even deadlier glare, almost frothing at the mouth in anger.

At once, the few spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage behind him rushed forward and surrounded Rocky.

When Laney saw this, her face turned ashen, but Rocky did not seem to be intimidated by the show of force. He raised an eyebrow at Algy and cast a cold look at him.

"Brother, hold on. My friend and Miss Laney are old friends. They haven't met each other for a long time. You don't have to make things difficult for them, right?" Laney's behavior had taken Woods by surprise, as he never expected her to react like that. He only wanted her to see Rocky, and maybe the two of them could see each other again later, but to his infinite shock, Laney refused Algy in front of so many people because of Rocky. He knew that his brother wouldn't give up easily, so he had to mediate before the matter could get any worse.

"I don't care if they are friends!" Algy shouted at Woods. Then, he turned to the other spirit manipulators and roared, "Why are you still standing there? Drag him

impact of the spiritual power. The tables and chairs had been broken and scattered around, and some of them had even been ground into powder.

Despite being attacked by the joined attacks of the several Heavenly Stage masters, Rocky was able to move freely and ward off their attacks easily. While enjoying the feeling of holding a beauty in his arms, he counterattacked his opponents.

As for Laney, who was being held in his arms and moved around the air swiftly, she didn't feel afraid. Even while the fighting was happening, and the spiritual power around her was flashing like lightning, she still did not have the slightest fear. On the contrary, she had never felt as safe and cared for as she was feeling now—in Rocky's arms, and in her mind, it was like an exciting and romantic adventure, as she knew that Rocky was protecting her.

Actually, Rocky didn't mean to fight, but Algy had pushed him too far, so he had no choice but to retaliate. However, he didn't want to show his strength too much. Thus, he didn't do his best and simply exerted a small part of his strength.

Algy's face darkened at the fact that his men had joined hands, and yet, they could do nothing against Rocky. Instead of teaching him a lesson, they were making him look like a hero!

"Harold, get out there!" Algy immediately shouted, his face livid. Suddenly, a figure with a strong aura appeared behind him instantly like a ghost.

"The Harold Leng, who is nicknamed the Heavenly Wolf? He is a strong master at the Supernal Stage..." Woods's face turned pale as soon as he saw the figure that had come out.

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